Thursday, August 02, 2007

I am not above wanting to see Michael Bay direct a live action Yar's Revenge

Back in the 80s it was so hard for me to find geeky people to talk with about toy robots. Nothing has changed but thanks to podcasts I can hear other people as geeky as me talking to each other about toy robots. So it's kind of cool to know these people exist but it really doesn't do me much good because all this technology does is make me feel like a voyeur or even worse, a guy with nothing to contribute overhearing a conversation where cool people talk about interesting things. Podcasts may as well be porn the way they leave me feeling like a spectator, although it's easier to play along watching porn than playing along listening to a podcast (if you know what I mean). I guess the next evolution in nerd interface technology will be a virtual person who will come out of the computer and have geeky conversations with me, at which point I will no longer waste time and energy trying to seek out abstract concepts that have so far eluded me like "friendship" and "multiple willing sex partners".

In years past there'd be only a handful of podcasts a month that would discuss Transformers or other toy robots and I'd eat them up quick. Thanks to Michael Bay I am now drowning in podcasts to listen to featuring conversation about Transformers. Even though the movie's long gone I don't know if I'll ever catch up. Despite how I feel about the opinions expressed, each of the shows is a lot of fun. I wanted Michael Bay's Transformers to be like Spider-Man the Movie but instead I got Spider-Ham the Movie. Oh well. it doesn't mean everybody else thought it sucked. Here's what i've been listening to lately:

The guys at Comic Geek Speak did a great Transformers movie review episode including an interview with Tom Martinek the sequence supervisor for ILM that worked on Transformers. At the end of the show they break out their old TFs and play with them. That was pretty funny to listen to.

This Week In Geek did a slew of Transformers realted shows recently and they were all fun listens. They did a review of the game, a review of the movie and most interestingly an interview with Stan Bush. I do think they got a bit over excited about the game and gave it a way more positive review than any other place I've seen, but I agree with them that it's a fun time and their review works as a nice counterpoint to all the negativity from other gamers.

Finally, Destroy All Podcasts DX did a funny (if overly long) review of the movie in episode 16. They thought it sucked so I was on board from the first moment but unfortunately their review suffered from the same problem as the movie-it went on for waaay too long. They had a couple of good jokes in there but hot damn they droned on for so long, commenting on and dissecting every single scene of the movie. At first I thought they couldn't go wrong because goofing on Michael Bay is so easy but boy did they make it look hard.

If you're going to goof on Michael Bay, maybe YouTube is the best place to do it.

This makes me want to do a video called Crazysteve-Power Collector


Birdman said...

My co host just sent me a link to your site.

Thanks for the kind words regarding our review. Most importantly, thanks for listening :)

I also was sad to see the Alternators line go, sadly I am missing of them to complete my collection.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks for treating Stan Bush so respectfully! That was an awesome interview. I was afraid it would devolve into a roast of the guy as probably every other podcast in the universe would if they'd interviewed him, but your professionalism was top notch.


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