Wednesday, April 24, 2013

THIRTY HUN-DRED MINUTES and other MegaConTastical Testamentations

The 54th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse erupts like a MEGA CONversational volcano spewing a super hot hour and 15 minutes of two guys talking about GoBots and Lou Ferrigno all over your ears! Yes it's a MegaConventional 2013 catastrophe and there's no funner way to run for your lives than while listening to the triumphant return of famed subcutanean hypo-scientific genius and toy robots accumulator Jack Fields to the Podcastalypse! Come along for the terror as we navigate the wonderful wasteland of GoBots dealers, furries, and militant impersonators of Sonic the Hedgehog that is MegaCon 2013. Then relax in horror as the last thirty minutes of the show chronicle my aspergian attempts to make fleeting connections with complete strangers while dressed in a cardboard costume of an obscure toy robot from 1984 that does not turn into a dinosaur or exotic foreign car. Which convention did the entire universe's supply of Logan's Run and Ewoks #1 comics go to to die? How is walking through artist alley like waiting at a red light? What does it sound like when José Delbo says the words "Pee Pee room"? Find out all this and more in this THE MICRONAUTS HAD IT COMING episode of the podcastalypse!

Or download it directly

The legendary José Delbo!


And now here's a buttload of pictures of everything we talked about or looked at during MegaCon 2013, including Transformers, people dressed like Transformers, people dressed like giant green pig barbarians, rare GoBots, not rare Ewoks comics, cardboard Death Stars, $200 loose Jetfires, confused travelers from other dimensions, and Snarf Emperors.

I want to thank Zack (above) for all the help he gave me while I was doing the Hun-Dred thing!


Megacon 2013 - Roboforce

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