Thursday, August 02, 2007

I think Mister Rogers' real message was you're special if you have a buttload of toys

There seems to be a lot of Mister Rogers hate going around because a finance professor at Louisiana State doesn't like that Mr. Rogers would tell kids they're special. The professor believes Mister Rogers telling viewers that they were special ingrained a sense of entitlement into kids and they grew up thinking life deserves them favors. So in essence he believes Mister Rogers ruined a generation of American kids. What a moron!

I agree that watching Mister Rogers screwed me over but not for that reason. How could the critics miss the most obvious negative message being broadcast loud and clear from the neighborhood of make believe? How could they not see that Mister Rogers was teaching kids that the accumulation of material possessions, especially toys, was the only way to true happiness? The BEST PART OF THE SHOW was when that trolley came and took the viewers to the kingdom of King Friday the Thirteenth, who ruled the ultimate toy collection land. I grew up wanting to have the sweet bachelor pad Mister Rogers had with a toy train running through the living room and a basement full of puppets living in gigantic castle dioramas and scratch built trees and shit. Man, I think his setup was awesome. If he was still alive I'd want him teaching the toy customizing and diorama building classes at the next Botcon.


B-W said...

While I'm forced to agree that I, too, wanted those toys of all the buildings in the Neighborhood of Make Believe (perhaps not the trolley so much, but you'd have to know that my dad has model trains ALL OVER our house to understand why not), it probably says something to note that (to the best of my knowledge) no such toys were ever made publicly available.

Heavyarms said...

Louisiana State UNIVERSITY. You gotta add the "U" to LSU.

Now I know why I feel like I should buy a toy every time I go to the store. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, he told me I'm special, and now I feel like I'm entitled to buying as many plastic toys as I want. Damn you Mr. Rogers! You owe me approximately $768 in NSF charges, you bastard!


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