Monday, July 05, 2010

Self-imposed exile is the right of all toy robots archaeologists

Life is ramping up here in the Kingdom of Macrocrania and as I grapple with new responsibilities hoisted upon me lately, I gotta be straight with you my fellow Macrocranians. There is no longer time to compose 900 word lavishly illustrated explorations of the history of Ro-Gun (the robot that is a gun) as related to me by grocery store newspaper ads from 25 years ago that I found at the library. So I'll be taking a break during which I will attempt to take some college classes and maybe do something with my life that does not involve toy robots, guns or grocery stores (but that still involves going to the library). I may do a post-Botcon podcastalypse later this week but that'll be it for a long time. Thanks for reading and commenting and helping me find the salvation roboplastico I was looking for. And no, this is not a statement used to conceal or confuse my actual plans or intentions.

Hiatus-I am on it

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