Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Amazing Adventures in the Land of the Starrmorfens Kings

The sound of the breaking of the 73rd seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the mighty roar of jet engines carrying the Nostrodomatron non-stop from southern Florida to Houston, Texas on a date with toy robots comic royalty! Yes at a single convention in Texas this past August I met three of my favorite writer/artists whose combined works are some of the most significant toy robots comics of the past 40 years! At Amazing Houston Comic Con I got to meet the legendary Len Wein, who wrote the very first toy robot/comic book tie in back in 1971, AND Herb Trimpe, the penciling king of Shogun Warriors comics who wrote and drew Robotix #1 in 1985, AND Tom Scioli. writer/artist of the current Transformers vs G.I. Joe comic from IDW Publishing! And of course I made terrible audio recordings of it all to share with you, my fellow Macrocranians. It just goes to show that you can win if you dare, but you can skip the daring part and go straight to the winning if you have a ton of frequent flier miles and credit card rewards points. Who penciled the first issue of Microbots? How does Herb Trimpe feel about alien robots that turn into cigarette lighters and fountain pens? By what brilliant logic did Tom Scioli deduce that Soundwave and Shockwave were brothers? And who is the only comic artist worth waiting two hours in line for to let him sign your vagina? Find out all that and more in this I'M FINALLY SHOOTING RUSSIAN UNICORNS WITH CARMEN SANDIEGO edition of the Podcastalypse!

Or download it directly

You can find all these pictures (INCLUDING one of Jim Lee drinking water) at my Amazing Houston Comic Con 2014 photo album on Flickr.

The most recently livest portions of this episode were recorded at Tate's Comics + Toys + More during their Out of This World sale

The most oldest livest portions of this episode were recorded at Amazing Houston Comic Con 2014 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas

I got to meet the writer of The Microbots #1 and Exo Squad #0-Len Wein!! (I've heard he's done one or two other notable things outside of toy robots.)
Mr. Wein sat in front of me during the game show! Was this his secret way of asking me to interview him? I WAS TOO SCARED!!


There were some old TFs but I thought they were a bit high. Some of them literally were-my camera needed its tripod extended to reach them!

Toy Hunter!

Jim Lee!!

Lego Batman!!!

It's the American Barbarian himself-Tom Scioli.
Tom absolutely murdered everyone with his dramatic readings from Transformers vs. G.I. Joe. Then after they were all dead he gave them free copies of Transfomers vs. G.I. Joe #1.

Here are some of the scribblings I managed to achieve:

Amazing Houston Comic Con was so amazing it could make a grown baby cry!

Amazing Houston Comic ConTate's prices
Transformers back issues at AHCC were 2.5x to 4x higher than back home in Florida. I could have been a Texas hundredaire!!


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