Saturday, June 22, 2019


The breaking of the 87th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the voice of the man who made Cybertron! Join the Nostrodomatron as I brave the Bigfoot infested forest of the Pacific Northwest to talk to Jim Shooter at Washington State Summer Con 2019! Yes it's the father of the Transformers mythos and me in Puyallup, Washington talking about toy robot line treatments, Star Comics, and other Mysterianian shenanigans. Plus a lightning round of HOW MUCH ROBOTS YA GOT? with action figure collector/author/living 80s encyclopedia Mark Bellomo! Who is the salt in my convention salad? What's it gonna take to get the world to admit Jetfire and Shockwave came out in '84? Why was the Beyonder not a figure in the Secret Wars line by Mattel? WHO WOULD WIN STARRIORS vs. CARE BEARS? All this and a sighting of the paranormal forest entity known as Yoshi in this WE ARE ALL STANISLAS PIOTR'S UNWANTED CHILDREN episode of the podcastalypse!


I presented to Mark the greatest award I can give to a person for Exceptional Service to the Kingdom Roboplastico, and that is my GoBackatization of the cover to K-Mart's 23 September 1984 Sunday newspaper ad.

Starriors is absent on purpose!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Treat Me Like Your Shooter Cybertrons!

In anticipation of Washington State SummerCon 2019 I cranked out a copy of the original eight page Transformers treatment Jim Shooter wrote for Marvel Comics. Mr. Shooter's work is THE foundational Cybertronian document, essentially ground zero of the Transformers mythos. Those eight pages defined the backstory of the Autobot/Decepticon war, settings like Cybertron and Aunty/the Ark, and major characters--icons of the franchise--including Optimus Prime and the Witwicky family. It's an historical cornerstone of immense roboplastological signifcance to Transformers fans but nowhere on the internet does it exist in its original typewritten form-UNTIL NOW!

These are the original images off my camera at Botcon 2010.


During his panel at Botcon 2010, Bob Budiansky showed the original eight pages via a series of slides in his presentation. I took pictures of them from a distance but my shots were still good enough to make out the original line spacings, typography mistakes and corrections, and editing changes made to the document. So knowing that Jim Shooter was coming to town, I busted out the old pictures and set about recreating the document as accurately I could so that I had a copy of the original for him to sign. I tried to match the spacing style and imitate every typing error and mistake and then I went back with a pen and made all the corrections and editorial changes just like they were made originally.

Here are the Botcon pix I took squared up and color corrected enough to see the text. You can check my version against these.


In the end I had a copy as best I could make of the original. It is as close as I'll ever get to it in real life and since it IS a copy, I had no problems with Mr. Shooter signing and personalizing it. Sometimes when I buy original comic art pages from artists they will ask if I want it personalized and I freak out. Like why should my name go on a piece of history? But since this is a copy, it's all good! Plus now you can do it, too! I've included a pdf of the copy I made for you to print out and take to your local Jim Shooter appearance!


Mr. Shooter will be appearing at the North Texas Comic Book Show in Dallas on June 29th, FrankFortCon in Kentucky this July 13th, and SW-FloridaCon November 23rd.

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