Friday, August 08, 2014

How to fail at robots without really crying

If a man tries to do a Transformer panel at a convention but there is no audience to see it, does he make a sound? Oh you bet your Confucious he does and that sound is the breaking of the 71st seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse! Join me in glorious despair as I play recordings from my hellacious experience during an absolute train wreck of a con where nothing went right and I regressed into some strange adult version of my ten year old self crying about the ending of Fire in the Sky. It's a podcastalyptic convention catastrophe extravaganza as great unknown mysteries of roboplasticology are answered at the cost of great embarrassment and humiliation to your friendly neighborhood Nostrodomatron. Yet if there's one thing I know it's that with great embarrassment and humiliation comes great entertainment value. Because the beauty of MP3 technology is that if I can't have fun at a convention, you bet I'll share all the not fun with you. Hey which toy robot magazine article from 1984 changed my life? Did Mike Zeck pencil the cover to Transformers #3? Is it better to have paneled badly than never to have paneled at all? And what am I supposed to do with all this suck? Get answers to that and more in this HOW TO NOT HAVE FUN WHEN NOBODY'S LOOKING edition of the podcastalypse!

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F.I.S.H.B.O.T. of the episode-Penny Power October 1984

And just so I don't come across as a completely ungrateful crybaby, I would like to say that seeing Pat Broderick and Pablo Marcos at Ultracon was awesome.

Mr. Marcos signed the Kid Stuff books he co-illustrated with his daughter Judith.

I finally got to ask Mike Zeck if he penciled the cover to the old Marvel Transformers #3 at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2014. Let's just say it was a good thing I brought copies of ToyFare #74 for him to sign, too.

R2-D2 @ TBCC 14

Here's what I meant about the Megatron models being different on the covers to TF #2 and 3. The heads and cannons are different so I doubt Mike Golden did #3.

Navarro Pharmacy 25 November 1984


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