Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super Chillin' Robo Villian!

The exploderation of the 59th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is a South Floridian Independence Day roboconvention extravaganza! What was there to do in Miami on Fourth of July weekend? If you were a guy dressed up as Hun-Dred the Conqueror there was really only one place to go without getting beat up or arrested-Florida Supercon 2013! Yes it was the annual techspectacular spectacle where about five guys dressed up as cardboard robots and the other 24,995 attendees knew better. Your brain will declare its independence as I celebrate the birth of America by roaming the convention looking to meet my Transformerian heroes of Hasbronian toy robots comics and cartoons. Your earholes will fight for their freedom as I complain about how people don't know how to act around voice actors and then have a nervous breakdown over my failing imaginary personal relationship with Gregg Berger. What's José Delbo up to nowadays? How cheap could you score a Takatoku GBP-1S armor set at the show? Which possible Tyrannosaurian spoilers about Transformers 4 did I not record anyone maybe saying? And why is it so hard for me to maintain my Facebook friendships with cartoon robot dinosaurs? Find out all this and more in this MY VOICE IS ALWAYS MAKING SCARY ROBOT NOISES edition of the Podcastalypse!

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IMG_delbo5537 IMG_delbo5539
José Delbo, his booth, and an alternate version he did of the cover to Transformers #48.

IMG_gund5690 IMG_dred6195
Various madmen, machines, and cardboard machine men.

IMG_rim6025 IMG_rim6036 IMG_rim6052
Pacific Rim promo merchandise for the taking (and boy did I ever).

IMG_tfrow2a IMG_tfrow2b
Transformers Row in guest alley featuring Gregg Berger, Dan Gilvezan, Hal Rayle, and Morgan Lofting.

IMG_delbo6062 IMG_tfrow5928
Personal highlights including David Yost, a Bob Layton photobomb, and a great Dinobots poster.

IMG_tfrow5929a IMG_tfrow5929b
Gregg Berger no longer brings Tranzor Z stuff to cons. Thankfully we had that covered.

IMG_tfsjo6045 IMG_tfsjo5708
Joseph was the only game in town for a nice selection of Transformers.

IMG_tfs5689 IMG_tfs5532x
Various other robots including a nice bunch of Takatoku Valkyries with a super and GBP armor.

IMG_vas5762 IMG_vas5891
Meet the Transformers panel featuring Gilvezan, Lofting, Berger, Chalk, and Rayle.



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