Friday, June 08, 2007

All this shitty hobby does is make me feel inadequate and want to go to all the time

So I was looking at the toy robots collection of a friend of mine and I started to cry because it made me feel so lame. Then I did what always makes me feel better and I went to MyDeathSpace so I could laugh at all the dead young people and take comfort in how although my life sucks at least I didn't get killed being a dumbass. I went to bed and I asked my wife, "Do you still love me even if I don't have an AFA graded production sample Targetmaster Cyclonus?" And she said, "whAT THE HELL IS A cRYONUS? What are you talking about?" I forgot she is 'neuro-typical'.

For some reason my hobbies always end up embarrasing me. Like when I used to collect Barley Legal magazine. Once when I was moving from one apartment to another, my new neighbors volunteered to help me unload the boxes from my U-Haul truck. I hate how people try to be all friendly just because you're living next to them. So me and the neighbor guy are 'team lifting' a particularly heavy and awkward cardboard box when he asks me what's in it. I told him it was just books. Then like a dumbass I dropped my end and the box broke and all the Barley Legals fell out. It was a huge mess and the wind was blowing them all away. He just backed away slowly. I said, "DON'T RUN AWAY YOU PUSSY. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW!" I never saw that guy again.


Rob said...

The way you feel about Endemion28's Transformers collection is the same way I feel about your Transformers collection. I guess it's all relative.

A few years ago, I sold my Devastator, Omega Supreme, Optimus Prime, and a couple of other G1 Transformers on eBay. They weren't in the box, but I did have their weapons, instruction manuals, and spec cards. I was surprised by how high the auctions went.

I still have a bunch of my old Transformers in my closet, including Perceptor, Astrotrain, Target Master Kup, Target Master Slugslinger, etc., along with a handful of GoBots, Super GoBots, and Rock Lords.

Mickey said...

Should I make up some "He who dies with the most toy robots win" T-shirt for you guys?

Let me know

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Hell if you're making free t-shirts Mickey, I want one that says LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BUY SHITTY ROBOTS. And it's gotta be in the loud gay Transformers font from the 80's.


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