Sunday, June 10, 2007

Personally I prefer "brown trash", which is like "trailer trash" but the main difference being I eat a lot of tacos.

Occasionally I must recognize the contributions certain high profile public figures have made to the advancement of public awareness of Latino/ Hispanic/ Mexican/ whatever we're calling ourselves this week culture. And thus was born the Macrocranian Oustandingly Cool Orale award. I use the MOCO awards to give orales to famous people who are promoting mexican culture. You don't have to be mexican to get a MOCO, you just have to want a MOCO really bad and it will come to you. Past honorees include lifetime achievement winners Tito Sanatana and Rick Martel, who had big giant MOCOs. Their tag team Strike Force brought respect to mexican wrestling, which was previously looked down upon as a corrupt sport with outlandish characters playing out prearranged storylines in homoerotic costumes. Also that homeless lady who would sell me enchiladas outside the Bookman's used bookstore in Tucson. Those enchiladas were really good!

This week two outstanding individuals get giant MOCOs. Our first honoree is Peter Cullen, who was recently interviewed by Latino Review. Peter is making a fantastic contribution to Mexican culture by providing the voice for this summer's most famous illegal alien, Optimus Prime. Orale, Peter! Last but not least, el Spider-Man gets a MOCO for his cultural boundary-busting work promoting Old El Paso Soft Pink Taco Dinner Kits. Orale, you Asombroso Hombre AraƱa! You get a huge MOCO to wear proudly on your costume!


naladahc said...

This has to be one of the funniest things I've read by you.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks! I especially appreciate it after reading some of my old stuff from a few months back where I was really funny. I thought I jumped the shark a while ago but I'm happy that some of my ideas still click with people.

I always think I'll run out of ideas but then I'll see absurd little things like Spider-Man Tacos and I'm refreshed.


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