Friday, June 08, 2007

A life of crime for Pepsi Prime OR: HE DID IT BECAUSES FOR THE CODEZ

Two convenience store clerks in Iowa beat some guy's ass for stealing a Mountain Dew. He says he did it because he was thirsty but I think we all know the truth. This is a clear cut case of Pepsi Prime claiming his first victim. WAS IT WORTH IT, MICHAEL L. COSPER? I'll bet the guy who invented the Transformer Your Summer contest just got a raise.

The guy also had dried blood around his mouth. I know that after eating the brains of my victims nothing washes down their bloody entrails like a nice cool Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew-the choice of cannibalistic serial killer toy robot collectors.

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Heavyarms said...

Okay, my son bought his first Mountain Dew because it had "Transformers" plastered all over the front of the bottle. Of course, we had to go online to enter his code and, naturally, when presented the choices available, opted for the Pepsi Optimus Prime giveaway.

Are they REALLY giving away 100 of those A DAY?


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