Friday, May 11, 2007

Impotant information for Transformers nerds! Possible Classics Deluxes online for $3.16!!!

No time to be funny with this. Here's what's up:

A fellow member of the TFCC boards said they spotted a ton of Alternators Optimus Primes at their local Fry's Electronics today. So on a hunch I went to Fry' (their online store) and did a search for Transformers. Sure enough, they have Alternators for sale there at $24.99 with a picture of Grimlock on the ORDER PAGE.

Problem is, they list it as an assortment item so I got the impression that I couldn't pick exactly which Alternator I wanted. I called the Fry's online's customer service number asking if they could ensure I got a specific one and the customer service rep said he couldn't guarentee it but we could place an order asking for a specific figure and hope that they're able to fill it. I told him thanks but I didn't want to risk not getting certain Alternators I wanted.

Then I went back to the site to see what else they had when I came upon THIS LISTING for "Star Wars Transformers" with a price of $3.16!!! Oddly enough it showed a picture of Classics Starscream. And check out the description:

Hasbro 81273 Star Wars TRANSFORMERS ( Assortment Item)
Star War: #: 4922671
Amazing Star Wars figure converts from X-wing fighter to Jedi warrior
and back!

Okay so the text is clearly describing the SWTF X-Wing fighter but check the Hasbro assortment number given: 81273. That's for Classics Deluxes according to TF Archive.

And Starscream *IS* pictured. Soooo...

I said what the hell and I ordered 30 of them. Whatever they are, $3.16 is a good price. Either I'll end up with an assload of X-Wing fighters or I'm the man and I'll score lots of Starscreams for customizing into seekers!


Evil King Macrocranios said...

I just got my email order confirmation from Fry's and look at the description!!!:


30 is the quantity and 94.80 is the total price. It says Classics!

As a quick addendum, the Alternators assortment number quoted at the Fry's site is the same one that included Tracks, Meister, Prowl, Skids, Sunstreaker, Rollbar, Ricochet, Prime, Camshaft and Mirage. I'd emphasize CAMSHAFT and MIRAGE as those two seem to be amongst the ones people have had a hard time finding. It would be possible to call up Fry's and ask if you could get those two. It may be worth trying.

Check out the lowdown on Alternator case assortments at TF Archive

Evil King Macrocranios said...

In the end they took down the classics deluxes page, but this page for Star Wars Voyagers actually lists the Classics Voyagers assortment number (81274) and they're only $7.95!!

So I decided what the hell, I'll order 9 Voyagers. I got my email confirmation and sure enough:


They came back as Classics Voyagers at $7.95 each!

It's all very strange because I never bought any Classics. I passed the whole line up. Now maybe if this order does go through I'll have a Classics army at about the same price I would have paid if I bought them all individually at retail. Of course there's no guarentee if they do come that I'll get one of each robot. I could end up with a buttload of Cliffjumpers and nine Optimuses. Oh, and they have the Prime vs Megatron 2 pack for $7.45. I'll pass on that one.

naladahc said...

This is all so very strange.

I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I got a confirmation email from Fry's today letting me know that the orders shipped. And it turns out they weren't able to fulfill the orders' original quantities. They sent me 28 classics deluxes and 4 classics voyagers.

I chose ground shipping so it'll probably be late next week before whatever they sent me arrives.

My friend Richard said that these prices are identical to what Fry's has in their brick & mortar stores. The Prime & Megatron 2 pack order page remains unchanged so I don't think any of this was a mistake. It was their actual pricing and few people took advantage of it until now..

Smurfwreck said...

Yeah, we actually hit Fry's today just to check while we were out and yup, all the classics sets were heavily discounted. Of the single figures, all that was left were 3 Bumblebees (for $3.16), but I snagged the Optimus for $7.45, much better than the $20 price point. Thanks for the heads up on this man.

They also had a ton of the Optimus/Megatron (as the green tank) 2-packs for $7.45.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah, congratulations, Shawn. While this doesn't appeal to the hardcore collectors who already bought these ages ago, it's a really great deal for those of us that never picked them up in the first place.

Also if you want a nice car robot but don't want to pay secondary market prices, check if your Fry's has Alternator Mirage. It's the Ford GT and it's awesome, even at $25.


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