Monday, May 14, 2007

iMPORtant information I should have told my wife OR: Fry's like the wind

Whoops, well while I was out today the DHL guy came with my order from Fry's Electronics. I didn't expect that stuff to arrive until Thursday as I was pretty sure I ordered ground shipping and not next day delivery. So my wife was home and still in her pajamas when the DHL guy came with all the boxes. My plan was that she'd be away at work when the delivery came but it didn't quite work out that way! The quick turnaround on the order was shocking to me. And since I didn't exactly tell her how many things I ordered, my wife was pretty shocked, too.

So I got home and there were four boxes waiting. From my earlier email receipt I knew that there would be 28 deluxes and four voyagers. Fry's sent two Hasbro shipping cases for the wave 1 Classics Deluxes, which I thought was a nice touch. They had eight deluxes each. The smaller of the other two white boxes held the four voyagers and the larger one had the remaining twelve deluxes.

The entire shipment consisted of wave one figures from the Classics line. There were no wave 2 guys like Jetfire, Ramjet, Mirage, Grimlock or Cliffjumper. I was secretly afraid that I would open the boxes and find 28 Bumblebees and 4 Optimus Primes. Well, it wasn't that bad. The deluxes were very evenly distributed and I ended up with seven each of Bumblebee, Astrotrain, Rodimus and Starscream. Of the Voyagers, one was Megatron and the other three were Optimus Primes.

Something interesting about one of the Hasbro cases was that according to the date code, it was packed approximately 10 months ago on 25 July of 2006. I think Classics first started hitting shelves in September of last year. And the Bumblebees in this 25 July case were the ones with the thin roof scoops, which were later changed to a wider roof scoop to accomodate the rubsign. So I think it was among the earliest of the Classics cases sent out by Hasbro.

So it all ended up costing about $160 shipped. Doing the math puts it at $5 a figure. Buying one each of all 8 classics Deluxes and 3 Voyagers at retail would have cost more than that. The question now is what to do with it all and do I bother collecting a line that has long since vanished from the shelves? I was hoping I'd get at least one each of the wave 2 figures and complete a set many times over for the price of buying it all once. But they didn't send me the wave 2 stuff. I never bought the Classics line so to complete a set of the ones I want I'd have to hunt down the wave 2 guys and the Target 2 pack, which I passed up numerous times at the Target here in Rapid City (and is now long gone). I also have very little chance of completing the deluxe size class figures since I'm not getting the Botcon set with the other three jets. I'm thinking I may as well sell it all off instead of having an incomplete collection. Whatever I do I need to do it quick while the movie hype is still high because if the movie bombs I think Joe Pokemon casual fan isn't going to be willing to shell out $20 for Classics Starscream on ebay like he's been doing lately.


B-W said...

Wow! I should have jumped when you posted that note on att!

Weasel said...

You got.... an early Bumblebee?! ::falls to the floor crying:: I want one! ::sniffle sob::


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