Monday, April 02, 2007

vINTAGE sPace Toaster Palace


In my continuing effort to make the internet more retarded, I have launched the Vintage Space Toaster Palace. It is a collection of 20+ year old toy robot related newspaper ads. I've been annoying countless library patrons since 2002 by using the noisy microfishe reel machines to photograph old newspaper ads of Shogun Warrior toys from 1978. But fuck them! Now I share the fruits of that labor with you, my fellow citizens of Macrocrania. I'm starting it off with ads for Battlestar Galactica, Micronauts, Shogun Warriors, the Starbird and Voltron. But later on I'll put up an assload of Star Wars and Transformers ads. Then like everything else I do I'll lose interest and stop paying for webhosting in nine months and go back to practicing my force powers and riding Tauntauns.


Mike said...

The internet has indeed become more retarded, which in internet syntax means better. I like how in most of the 1984 Transformers adds they refer to the Decepticons as Deceptions. More than meets the eye...? I wonder when they made the correction, or if it was even incorrect at the time? Nevertheless, cool site Evil King.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks for noticing those copy mistakes. I need to go in and rewrite the ad descriptions to reflect them. They make the ads all the more entertaining.

I think that errors in the ad copy started out innocent enough, with ad writers assuming Hasbro meant 'Construction' instead of 'Constructicon' and Insect-Con instead of 'Insecticon' or stuff like that. I don't think we could reasonably expect the retail franchises to understand the vocabulary of the Transformer universe they were selling in '84 and early '85. The corrections came over time as the show became popular and the terms became better anchored in the cultural awareness.

Matt said...

I was instantly transported to a time when both Zayre and Kaufmann's existed (and sold toys!)

I remember begging to go to Zayre and see what new toys they had. This makes me sad for kids today -- their options for toy shopping are too limited.


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