Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The world is being lied to. I am here to expose your mom.-Part 3 of 37

The pre-promotion hype machine for the next Transformer movie is in full swing but the vast majority of robot nerds haven't been following along because they're all pissed that Bumblebee is a Camaro now. Fuck them! I've bought the first two issues of the prequel comic series, I found the prequel novel at Wal MArt this week and I'm even getting into the fantastically cheesy viral marketing website they're doing. (The password is currently FWIFFO) But fuck you Transformers movie I am NOT FRIENDING YOU ON MYSPACE.

As an offshoot to the Sector Seven website there's been a series of podcasts by a character called "Agent-X". If you're playing along you've already subscribed to the podcast via itunes but bECASUE i THINK ItUNES ARE GAY HEre are the direct URLs to the mp4s:

Agent X Podcast Episode 1
Agent X Podcast Episode 2
Agent X Podcast Episode 3
Agent X Podcast Episode 4
Agent X Podcast Episode 5
Agent X Podcast Episode 6
Agent X Podcast Episode 7

Some website guy (who I suspect is a marketing shill for the Transformers corporate media machine) has altered the pitch of Agent X's voice to hear the real voice under the distortion. And what a big surprise-it's Peter Cullen acting all crazy, which is kind of cool in a 'my grandpa has Alzheimer's disease and he thinks he's a secret agent' kind of way. First off, what the hell kind of batshit crazy robot fan would think to alter the pitch of a distorted voice from a toy robot movie show podcast? And second, HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT HE DID?

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