Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hello Cruel world!

Notice anything odd about this auction for a Robo Force figure that ended last week? That's not Cruel! It's Tiltor, one of the thought-to-be-unreleased 1985 Robo Force figures! And the Buy-It-Now was only $25! On an upcoming Roboplastic Podcastalypse I'll have an interview with the guy who bought it!


John K. said...


John K. said...

Well, the obvious questions for the guy who won it:
- was it sealed when you received it?
- are the weapons present?
- if you are going to resell, e-mail me through my blog.
(I suppose that last one is not a question, but important to state nonetheless)

Steve, if you were right and these were released, awesome. Something new to keep eyes out for.
It being in the Cruel box is one of the crucial questions - if the box was obviously opened and this guy was stuffed in there, that could indicate a lot of things. If sealed shut, then I'd assume it being a packaging test. Ideal/CBS toys was in the NJ area...

Evil King Macrocranios said...

You can click on the image in the post to go to the completed auction and read the desription. It talks a little about the sealed nature of the item. From the pictures he's sent me of it, yes it did include the weapons. I didn't see instructions with it so that may also be a clue as to the nature of the toy. I can't really consider this definitive proof that my theory is right, but it's an interesting piece of the puzzle.

John would you like to come on the show and talk to the guy with me? I'm doing the interview tonight 9pm eastern. If you have Skype and a headset we could all get together and talk Robo Force and this find in particular.

Let me know if you have the equipment and if you'd be interested. steve(at)pleasesavemerobots(dot)com


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