Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dynatherms Connected, Infracells Up-MEGACON ARE GO!

Okay so if you live in Florida the big bad granddaddy of all sci-fi comic conventions is MegaCon and it's happening this weekend March 25-27th up in Orlando. I promised myself that while I lived down here I'd check it out and this is going to be my shot! The big guests are Stan Lee and William Shatner but what's really awesome are some of the other people that'll be there of most extreme roboplasticological importance! In addition to getting to meet some more artists who worked on 5finity's Voltron sketch card set, I'll have a chance to see Dennis O'Neil! He's a comic book writer and editor who is probably best known as the first guy to really take Batman seriously and bring that character out of the pop culture joke status it had after the late 60s. But the reason Dennis O'Neil is really a big deal is that according to legend, he's the guy who named Optimus Prime! He's bound to have some awesome stories to tell! So stay tuned and maybe if I ever get out from under this avalanche of school work and I make it to MegaCon I'll have one heck of a con report sometime next week!


agentmorris said...

I'll see you there, man!

Thanks to a recently broken/sprained pinky toe, I'll be the guy limping around the convention center.

And it will still be awesome.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

So what's your plan of attack? Are you excited about seeing anything or anyone in particular?

agentmorris said...

My plan of attack is to take it all in like a slow burn.
Cool stuff usually finds me in a place like that and thanks to my decreased foot speed due to a crappy injury, I'll be taking my time whether I want to or not. lol

I do want to try to see Stan Lee's panel as well as the Anime Costume Contest, as I was shut out of that one last year because of room capacity limitations.

If I'm still awake at 10pm I want to go to that history of Sega panel again on Fri. night.

I think on Saturday there's going to be an Evangelion panel hosted by Funimation concerning the new movies that have finally come to the US.

Otherwise, I have no real plan. Just the way I like it for a con like that anyway. Organized geeky schizophrenia of the not-quite-toy-robot variety.

Jack said...

I'll probably be there as well.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Awesome! If you've been to Megacon before, could you tell me how probable it is that I would score a Voltron there? I need to get a Voltron for pictures with the people I'll (probably) interview. I'm not sure of the probability that I'll score a Voltron at the con because I've never seen the MegaCon dealer room before. So what's the dealer room been like in terms of robots for sale like Voltron? (It can be any Voltron so long as it is big and made of lions.)

agentmorris said...

Scoring a Go-Lion-esque Voltron at Megacon? I'd say probably a 50% chance of that happening in that dealer room. Usually the dealer room merch. is made up of like 40% toys & comics, 50% anime/otaku stuff, and 10% anything else.

I do believe I've seen a lion Voltron there before. It was the all-plastic version by Toynami. For that matter, I once found a G1 Star Saber there (2007?), but I had already spent all my con money at the time. :(

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Hey hold on...walking slow, limping and having trouble staying up past ten on a Friday night? That sounds less like foot injury and more like you got hit with a grandpa beam.

Jack said...

I am unable to go because of medical problems. In the past I've seen a gorgeous Daikyojin for sale there:

I would be surprised if you didn't find a Voltron. I've seen a fortress maximus there. It is reasonably roboplastical. I just hope you don't get stuck with that crappy new vinyl one.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I think I'm going to hit up Tate's on the way up and get that plastic Toynami one. I don't want to risk it and be stuck with that crappy vinyl one either.

fairplaythings said...

I'm afraid I have to get those too.

Now any thoughts on who would be interested in a boxed GoDiaKin Sun Vulcan?

agentmorris said...

@EKM: Grandpa beams? Why, that shit is LETHAL I tell ya! :)

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Go find a stick to use for a cane and wear a bedsheet and with that limp you can be Gandalf, grandpa!


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