Wednesday, November 24, 2010

IN SPACE robot pajamas NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM for your mommy because Optimus Prime is dead

I owned very few articles of Transformer clothing as a kid. I remember having Slag socks, an Optimus Prime hat and shirts of Soundwave and Optimus Prime. Only the Soundwave shirt and Optimus hat remain to this day-the others are either lost or in a landfill somewhere. Maybe my Optimus Prime baseball hat should've been thrown away a long time ago (like in 1987) seeing how ratty and worn it is. But like I say, old toy robots mementos are the right of all robotarded sentient thirtysomethings.


As I'm searching through old newspapers I occasionally come across ads for the odd GoBots sweater or Dinobots pajamas, but any sort of ad for licensed toy robots clothing that is not Voltron underwear is still rather rare. That's why I was very excited to find a series of Transformers ads that Mervyns ran from about July through October of 1985. At least once a month there'd be a page in the weekly Mervyns flyer featuring drawings of kids wearing Transformer pajamas or shirts. They ran ads for every shirt I remembered having as a kid! (Plus my Slag socks make a cameo.) Strangely, they did not run ads for Dinobot pajamas. Apparently Dinobot pajamas were too low class for the discerning Mervyns shopper.

Here then is a little gallery of Mervyns Transformer clothing ads from 1985-a time when anybody larger than a 12 year old didn't have a place to shop if they wanted to wear shirts with toy robots cartoons on them. (Thank teenage Jesus for Hot Topic I guess.) There aren't a lot of different styles shown and some get repeated but any pictorial documentation of this kind of Transformer artifact is rather rare so it's still a bit of a treat. Plus some of the goofy faces the kids are making are funny. I imagine the artwork is traced from actual photographs, which would explain the lack of detail in the shirt designs when compared to the actual shirts. What we're looking at here are essentially drawings of drawings and some designs (like the one for the thermal underwear in the last ad) are hard to make out. But I think they still did a good job. If anyone had the Transformers thermal underwear in 1984 could you explain who the robots pictured on it were? Better yet, take a picture of them and send it to me or something. Then immediately burn your nasty used 25 year old Transformer pajamas like you should've done back in 1987.

Mervyns 07/08/85

Mervyns 08/05/85
Mervyns 08/19/85
Mervyns 08/23/85
Mervyns 09/02/85
Mervyns 09/30/85
Mervyns 10/14/85
Optimus, Sunstreaker and ???


agentmorris said...

That GoBots sweatshirt is money!

I'd rock that so hard.

Evil King Macrocranios said...


Weasel said...

And I see no Bumblebee. I would've been one sad little kid.

How times have changed. (I'm losing track of all the 'Bee shirts and clothing that's being put out in stores...)

Evil King Macrocranios said...

You gotta keep the faith! I don't know if we'll ever have a comprehensive accounting of what was released in G1 by all the third party licensees. There may still be a G1 Bumblebee shirt or hat or something from '84 out there in somebody's basement or attic. It could still pop up.

Then you'll have to figure out what makes you more sad-missing out because there were no Bumblebee clothes or missing out when there were Bumblebee clothes.

Weasel said...

But you know me: if it exists, I will do everything in my power to get my grubby hands on it. No one tells me "No" when it comes to 'Bee. (No, I'm totally not crazy here....)


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