Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the second day of GoBots, TG&Y gave to me: a Cy-Kill sweater made of fleece

When it comes to Transformers clothing I've found ads for everything from Optimus Prime fuzzy slippers to Omega Supreme hats to Dinobots pajamas to Metroplex Halloween costumes. But GoBots clothes ads are extremely rare (either that or I'm not looking hard enough). When I get around to updating the GoBots section of the VSTP I will have two or three new* ads for GoBots clothing. It's more common to see ads for licensed clothing from every other 80s toyline before I find any GoBots. Even Voltron gets seen on everything from pajamas to underwear. That's why this TG&Y ad from November 3rd, 1985 is very special-TG&Y could have gone with the more popular Transformers prints to run in the ad but they went with GoBots instead. Maybe they felt the Cy-Kill design was more dynamic than the Voltron and Transformers fleece tops. Or maybe they were just dumb like the Maas Brothers.

*25 years old

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