Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is it! The big finish to my "Twelve Days of GoBots", the most wonderfully GoBotty, blasphemous, longest series of phone-it-in filler material I've ever attempted. To finish with a big gay bang of GoBotronical amazement more exciting and fist-pumpingly inspirational than the grand finale of a fireworks show or a UFO crashing into Wrestlemania, I present to you now a really great Sears GoBots ad that I've only ever seen in Denver, Colorado.

Sears 12/22/85

I don't know why but occasionally in my travels I will find ads by major retail chains that are exclusive to one city or region. The most common occurrence of this type is when retailers substitute a page or portion of their weekly circular in one city with a different page when it runs in a different city. For example there was one week in 1984 when Zayre ran a full page Transformer ad in Pittsburgh and in Florida that page was turned into Care Bears. Now this Sears ad is super rare because I've never seen it in any city outside of Denver. It's a pretty cool amalgamation of all sorts of GoBots line arts. Few retailers have ever assembled so much GoBo-tacity in one place and lived to tell the tale. They said it couldn't be done! They said it was too dangerous! THEY SAID THE SAME THING ABOUT WRITING TWELVE POSTS OF GOBOTS NEWSPAPER ADS!

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