Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the twelfth day of GoBots, Yellow Front gave to me...a reason to do thirteen days of GoBots

I've never understood why toy manufacturers think kids will dress up like toys on any other day besides Halloween. You see adults doing it all the time if there's an anime convention or a chicken restaurant opening, but when I was little I don't think I ever knew any kid who had one of those dress up sets of He-Man or Transformers or Voltron. Those looked like they might have been fun because they somewhat resembled characters from their respective shows but this GoBot dress up set makes you look not like a cartoon character but the the entire GoBots merchandise aisle at Playworld:

Yellow Front 30 November 1984

When my son was a baby we always wanted to get him a good Halloween costume but my wife made it clear that we would not be getting him one of those "Elmo is eating my kid" jobs. There's a lot of costumes out there where it looks like some cartoon character is devouring somebody but this GoBots set makes it look like the kid is being abducted by a GoBot vagina.


Jack said...

I'm somehow disappointed that you have a wife and son. I thought it a romantic notion that you were too absorbed in your robotological studies to have time for the love of a human.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

You and all the other ladies, heh, heh.

But yes, my hobbies and my family are two sides of the same coin, two opposite paddles on the Pong screen of my life. My son and my robots serve as escapes from each other I bounce back and forth between when one of them is making me crazy. And it's all possible because of my wife who makes both the baby and the money to pay for the internet bill.


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