Friday, May 16, 2008

From the mouths of wives

So I was looking at what search terms people use to get to PSMR and I noticed I have fallen considerably far down the google search results for "Princess Leia gave me herpes". I used to be the number one resource for people who contracted VD from Princess Leia, but now I guess they go somewhere else. Now if I could just get ranked a little lower on the search results for "my grandma gave me my first blowjob" I'll be happy. HOW DO YOU GUYS THINK UP THESE THINGS?

But one search term I thought interesting was "Botcon 2009 location". So I searched that myself and found some GI Joe message board where one guy wrote that his wife told him that a guy at work told her that the next Botcon would be in Las Vegas. And I'm thinking I would totally pay a couple hundred bucks to get strippers and sluts to dress up like robots and dance all sexy. Then I remembered there were lots of chicks doing that for free at the last Botcon. I guess it depends on your definition of sexy. Some people are worried that Vegas is the wrong type of atmosphere for Botcon. I wouldn't worry about Vegas being too sinful or perverted for the toy robots crowd. Actually, I'm worried about THE REVERSE BEING TRUE.


Mick said...

Did Princess Leia give you herpes?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

No, but I think the little mermaid gave me crabs.


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