Monday, December 31, 2007

The last five of my top ten (or eleven) best toy robots of 2007

Number five:BT-18 Rijie
When this was first solicited for pre-order I knew it would be one of the hottest Transformers ever. I knew they'd be going for over $200 only a few weeks after release. I knew I could afford a case of them. I knew I could have made an easy $500 or more selling that case because they would be horribly underproduced. I also knew doing that would make me feel like a total douchebag. $80 at Image Anime

Number four: SDCC Alternators Rodimus
Holy crap the same mold makes it on my list twice! This shows how insanely grateful I am that I was able to get this final robot in the Alternators line at retail from It was nothing short of a miracle after the online fiasco that happened last year. I ended up spending $60 for the 2006 San Diego Comic Con exclusive Alternators Nemesis Prime and I swore that wouldn't happen again. But yeah it's a great mold and I was even considering putting Alternators Mirage in here because it's so sexy exciting. $24.99 at

Number three: MP-05 Megatron
Coming in at number three is Disasterpiece Megatron. A toy robot should not have me questioning the limits of my physical abilities. Is there a parallel between being able to transform this thing and having musical talent? Must I be the Yngwie Malmsteen of toy robots fans to be able to enjoy any robot from this series? Is it at all reasonable to expect to be able to transform this thing without incurring damage to myself and my immediate surroundings? And why the horse face? Despite all the problems, MP-05 Megatron is truly beautiful to behold as long as I never touch it and I put a paper bag over its head. $109.95 at

Number two: Music Label Soundwave
They made a working MP-3 player that turns into a fantastic looking Soundwave. Let me write that again because I still can't believe it. They made a working MP-3 player that turns into a fantastic looking Soundwave. That's enough for me, but some people bemoan the limited functionality of the MP-3 player and its use of mini SD cards for memory. To which I repeat, they made a working MP-3 player that turns into a fantastic looking Soundwave. $79.95 at

Number one: Yamato's 1/60 VF-0S with QF-2200D-B Ghost Booster
That nine of the eleven robots in my top ten are Transformers is a testament to the acute severity of my Roboplastico-monofranchise-tosis. Yet even I in all my narrowmindedness must acknowledge the greatness that is Yamato's 1/60 VF-0S with Ghost Booster from Macross Zero. Even if I forget the mind meltingly awesome scene in the show where this plane went into furious battle at full boost, boosting fully while battling furiously, this toy is incredibly sexy on its own merits. It's toy of the year in my book. Although I still can't believe they made a working MP-3 player that turns into a fantastic looking Soundwave.$170 at HobbyLinkJapan

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