Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ebay isn't auctions, it's more like two guys get into cars and play that chicken game accelerating into each other head on,except with thier wallets

Otay so a couple weeks back I found a big ass Optimus Prime toy at Wal-Mart on clearance for $50 but I didn't buy it and I got all suicidal because when I went back later it was gone. Well that same toy went up on ebay recently, except this one was signed by Peter Cullen. It was part of ebay's Transformers Movie prop auctions. I figured since normal retail on this toy that everybody already has (except me) was like $90, maybe this signed one would go for twice that. Heck, hundreds of people have gotten all sorts of Optimus Prime stuff signed by Cullen at Botcon so the novelty of his autograph has pretty much worn out by now, right? Holy crap was I ever wrong. It sold for $1,025! For that price you could buy a clearance one at Wal-Mart, book plane tickets to Botcon and still have enough left over for plenty of hookers and McNuggets.

And it's not just Transformers robots that people are crazy for right now. A Mighty Orbots cel just went for $997.99! For that price you could build yourself the Mighty Orbots and fly to Botcon on them! I hear that at ComicCon a couple years back there was one dealer who couldn't give Orbots cels away, kind of like how nobody wanted John Travolta autographs before Pulp Fiction but then everybody wanted them after. Pre-Pulp Fiction John Travola could have signed a five dollar bill and made it even more worthless. Orbots are the John Travoltas of robots.

Who am I to make fun of these guys. Part of me is jealous of these ebay high rollers because I wish I could be enthusiastic about anything enough to blow a couple grand on robot toys and drawings. How burnt out am I? If I was at McDonald's and Peter Cullen handed me a cel of Mighty Orbots that he autographed on the back of a hooker at Botcon I wouldn't even give him five John Travolta dollars for it. My robolust is gone. I am in robomenopause.


Heavyarms said...

Tell, you what. I bought two of the DVD Primes and I'm giving one to my son for his birthday. I already have the 20th Ann. version that came out a few years ago, so I don't really NEED another one. Let me wait until he opens his so I can get my hands on it out of the box and see if it's worth keeping the second one for myself. If I'm just "meh" about it, maybe we can work something out you can buy my second one at a NON-EXORBITANT price, definitely less than the MSRP.

No promises, and his birthday isn't until the end of August. Chances are I'll probably want to keep it (because I'm a greedy SOB, and also hard up for Optimus Prime figures), but the possibility is there. Let me know. And if you find one before then, you won't hurt my feelings. (Sorry for the comment, but I couldn't find your e-mail address.)

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks! But I bought an MP-04 off eBay shortly after I came back from Wal-Mart empty handed. I was mad.

Don't worry about the comment. Any comments are good comments. Blogger sends all of them to my email automatically anyways.


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