Wednesday, July 25, 2007


If you ask me the exact prices of the handful of robots I've spent more than $200 on over the years my mind retreats to my safe place, which is a springtime picnic in a green grassy field next to a beautiful waterfall on the Death Star. That's probably the reason that I can't specifically remember any of the exact prices I paid for robots in the $200 range. I always default to the convenient estimate of $225. $225 is apparently my built in self defense mechanism and the upper limit of my mind's ability to cope with the insanity of spending more than five dollars on toy robots.


This whole ultimate robot weighing thing isn't exactly going as I planned and there's probably some huge flaw in my logic that's causing World's Smallest Hot Rod (who is currently as valuable as uranium) to be pound for pound more valuable than Fortress Maximus. In fact, I think I've been doing the conversions wrong because I misinterpreted the charts at the site where I get the current prices for today's metals on the world market. Huge judging error! Fortress Maximus is pissed! But whatever!


Today we have Deszaras, a Japanese toy robot from 1989's Transformers:Victory cartoon. Wikipedia says he turns into a 'bird monster dragon' which is kind of what I was thinking even though it makes no sense. Smarter Transformer fans than me say he's an obscure Chinese Antarctica dragon. I always thought he looked like a mutant cyborg robot rooster. Regardless, he's another one of those I paid over $200 for around ten years ago so we'll go with $225 or else my brain gets stuck thinking about when I was in my 20's and I had more money than common sense.

Dez weighs in at 1.09 pounds or 17.44 ounces and $225 / 17.44 = $12.90 an ounce. $12.90 an ounce is currently about the going rate of silver! WE HAVE A NEW WINNER!

Tune in next time when Dez takes on a new challenger for the title of ULTIMATE NUMBER ONE VALUABLE ROBOT!

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