Monday, June 18, 2007

A post where being in Korea actually has something to do with the story, unlike the last post whereI wrote about Korea but it could have been anywhere

When I lived in Good Korea in '99 I would go to every little bookstore I could find, mostly looking for anything that had Star Wars related material on the cover. This was shortly before Episode I came out and the hype machines were in full swing worldwide. I wanted Korean magazines with Star Wars content as a sort of souvenir of my time there. I remember going into one little shop that was owned by a little old man and a little old lady. I should have realized from how he glared at me that he didn't like me. Was it because I was American? Probably, but I'll never know for sure because he wasn't exactly the Korean Ned Flanders and we weren't in danger of striking up a conversation anytime soon.

All I know is I was picking up some sort of a Korean comic book and all of a sudden he jumps up and says "That not for you!" Then I put it down and everytime I tried looking at something he'd repeat with, "That not for you!" That's when I figured he wasn't exactly the Korean Ricardo Montalban. I could tell his wife was a little disapproving of his attitude, her being a Korean Mother Teresa sort of person. So I was kind of ignoring him until I found a Korean magazine with Star Wars on it that I really wanted to get. "That not for you! That not for you!" Finally I knew I wasn't going to get out of there with the magazine unless I was the American Chan Ho Park and I told him, "Do you know who I am? I am George Lucas!" All he kept saying was, "No Joe Rucas! That not for you! That not for you!" Then I screamed like a little girl and ran out.


Heavyarms said...

What the hell was that all about? You didn't play the American Columbo and get to the bottom of it?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

i WAS Too busy retreating like the American French Army.


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