Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I sure do miss being at Botcon, but not as much as I like having money and a big TV

Welcome to a special "Holy crap I'm not at Botcon" edition of PSMR. Going to the big Transformers convention every year had become the norm for me but everytime I'd go all I thought about was how much money I'm blowing and it detracted from the fun. I neevr thought I'd get tired of seeing Simon Furman or Peter Cullen, but I did. Socializing with the other fans became my last real reason to keep going, but seeing how I pretty much regret every interaction I have ever had with other robot fans I decided to pass this year. It's nothing they did. It's just that I feel like I made a dork out of myself pretty much everytime I ever talked to anyone at Botcon. Plus I spent so much money just getting to and staying at the convention that I never bought anything good while I was there. So I will sit this one out in solitude and spend the weekend creating scholarships at local colleges with the money I would have spent on Botcon registration, plane tickets, hotel accommodations, food, parking and hookers recreation.

Speaking of hookers, I bought the movie game for PS3 yesterday and it looks like there are a total of five unlockable G1 characters. What you do is enter the codes supplied by Target when you get to this screen. Then you choose the G1 characters menu and five blank slots with question marks will pop up. The question marks fill in with what you've unlocked after you enter the code two screens earlier. The Target codes only unlock three of the five-G1 Jazz, Robovision Prime and G1 Starscream. I've only used the Jazz so far in the game and it's just a skin they apply over the movie car model. I don't know where or if the G1 Prime model is in here but I suspect that the last two unlock slots are probably G1 Megatron and Optimus. Here's hoping.

A second Jazz picture
A third Jazz picture

Overall I'm having fun with the game. From what I've read on the professional game sites I am not supposed to like it but luckily I'm not experienced enough or hardcore enough or smart enough to know if a game sucks. I don't really give a crap as long as there's nice explosions and lots of robots. In fact this game is better than a lot of games I consider good. One of the gripes I have with Need For Speed or other more serious vehicle simulators is that you can't run over pedestrians. That oversight is corrected here. Running over people and trees in a bright yellow '76 Camaro is awesome, plus if you hit certain geographic features right you can do some sweet jumps. It's brown trash heaven. This game may not as cool as seeing Stan Bush perform "The Touch" live at Botcon, but it's still pretty cool.


Hooper_X said...

You skippin' out too? Welcome to the club. I'll probably rent the game soon-ish, before I buy.

Heavyarms said...

What's Jazz look like in Robot mode? Does he still look like somebody tossed a car in a blender, then glued that on to a vaguely humanoid form like the rest of the Movie bots, or does he have some G1 boxy goodness? I'm guessing since its just a skin, it doesn't really change his appearance much.

What do game reviewers know? I was supposed to think that every Mobile Suit Gundam game released in the US was utter crap, and I've enjoyed all of them (haven't played the PS3 one, yet.)

Hurry up and play with the other two (or four) and let us know how they are, too!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

You're right about the G1 skinned robot mode being indiscernible from the regular version. It's just a little whiter in places than the regular silvery movie model.

One of the guys on the TFWire boards posted movies of the G1 Optimus and Megatron skins and they look awesome. Prime doesn't have a rifle and shoots blasts from his hands and Megatron doesn't have a gun mode but he does fly around. I can't wait to get them.


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