Thursday, June 28, 2007

I MUST BE STRONG! OR: Down and greedy in Rapid City

Pepsi Prime-the reason I've poisoned my body with Mountain Dew-is being sold exclusively at Botcon as we speak. It's also supposed to be up at in limited quantities, but there's no listing as of yet. This really kind of pisses me off but I think I'm going to still try winning one instead. There's just something magical about being a contest winner and getting something in the mail. I don't care what temptations those Hasbro bastardos use, I'm still not buying a plane ticket to Rhode Island this weekend just to get Pepsi Prime at Botcon.

Speaking of winning, I won the Comedy4cast Podcast Transformer DVD drawing. So now I'll be getting a copy of the Sony 2 disc set of the animated movie from '86 on DVD. I bought one when they came out last year but I took it to Antarctica with me and lent it to a friend who never gave it back. He's still down there now and he paid me for it so everything's cool, but it's nice how everything worked out in a way. What kind of sucks is that the Comedy4cast guys also had a press kit for the upcoming Michael Bay Transformers Movie and I didn't win that. That also kind of pisses me off because those press kits are pretty awesome.

I guess I seem really greedy because I'm complaining about missing out on a convention this weekend and not winning contests. There are people in Iraq whose idea of a good weekend would be just living long enough to see Monday. I am a terrible person with nothing to complain about. Still, I feel a marathon coming!


Heavyarms said... has Japanese Pepsi Primes on sale for $29.99.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks! A cheap price, long smokestacks and Pepsi are an almost irresistible combination. I will use that as a last resort if I don't win. Then again, if I wait too long it'll probably be gone like that clearance Masterpiece Prime I didn't buy when I first saw it. The Hasbro site says retail should be $24.99 on he US one. I doubt they'll be going for that on ebay once Botcon starts selling them.

Heavyarms said...

Well, just to set your mind at ease they've had their Pepsi Primes at that price for a couple of months, so they may have them around for a while, yet.

I'm just waiting for my Encore Convoy I pre-ordered from HobbyLink Japan that is supposed to be released around August.


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