Saturday, June 22, 2019


The breaking of the 87th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the voice of the man who made Cybertron! Join the Nostrodomatron as I brave the Bigfoot infested forest of the Pacific Northwest to talk to Jim Shooter at Washington State Summer Con 2019! Yes it's the father of the Transformers mythos and me in Puyallup, Washington talking about toy robot line treatments, Star Comics, and other Mysterianian shenanigans. Plus a lightning round of HOW MUCH ROBOTS YA GOT? with action figure collector/author/living 80s encyclopedia Mark Bellomo! Who is the salt in my convention salad? What's it gonna take to get the world to admit Jetfire and Shockwave came out in '84? Why was the Beyonder not a figure in the Secret Wars line by Mattel? WHO WOULD WIN STARRIORS vs. CARE BEARS? All this and a sighting of the paranormal forest entity known as Yoshi in this WE ARE ALL STANISLAS PIOTR'S UNWANTED CHILDREN episode of the podcastalypse!


I presented to Mark the greatest award I can give to a person for Exceptional Service to the Kingdom Roboplastico, and that is my GoBackatization of the cover to K-Mart's 23 September 1984 Sunday newspaper ad.

Starriors is absent on purpose!

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BC! Dailey said...

Holy schneikies, out of the abyss comes another new episode! Can't wait to listen..

An unrelated question... I made something for you.. it's an audio file. Can I e-mail it?


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