Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Robotastic SuperConocalypse 2011!

The thirtieth seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse KRA-KOOMS apart like an iPod being eaten by a talking robot Tyrannosaurus in this Florida Supercon 2011 edition of the Podcastalypse! Thrill to the adventures of the Nostrodomatron as I spend the entire convention wandering around talking to myself about toy robots and pictures of toy robots. Then as if that weren't mind-blowing enough, I talk with special guests Ken Lashley and Gregg Berger, two men who know a lot about cartoons of toy robots! That's pretty much the toy robot subject matter trifecta right there. It's all here and more in this "TRANS-TECHNOLOGICAL CYBERTRONIANS" IS HARDER TO SAY THAN IT LOOKS edition of the podcastalypse!

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Ken Lashley is the man behind Draxhall Jump, which is the company most famous for originating the concepts and designs of the Transformers Transtech line. He's been involved behind the scenes with Hasbro on a number of franchises including Star Wars, G.I Joe and Transformers for over a decade.

Gregg Berger is of course a renowned professional voice actor famous for many roles including The Transformers' Grimlock the Dinobot. I asked him a few questions about the work he did voicing super robot pilot Tommy Davis in Tranzor-Z, the US released English dub of the legendary Japanese anime Mazinger-Z.

Darth Vader is a fallen Jedi who punched his pregnant wife to death but still knows how to party at Supercon!


  • My job as a roboplastilogical archaeologist at Supercon 2011
  • My generation's indebtedness to José Delbo
  • Juan Antonio Fontanez met my Jetfire
  • Luis Diaz drawing me a Mazinger
  • Fending off armageddon in your spare time
  • My golden questional nuggets of wisdom at Gregg Berger's panel
  • Ken Lashley is living the dream
  • Draxhall Jump's work on Transformers Transtech
  • Interview with concept artist Ken Lashley of Draxhall Jump
  • Ken's design work on Beast Machines
  • Ken's love of the robot genre
  • Love is owning and watching the same cartoons on different formats
  • Design process of action figures as product vs as show characters
  • Being immortalized in plastic as the G.I. Joe figure Burnout
  • How much of this Armada toyline poster do you remember?
  • How high end concept work works
  • Drawing the brunt of concept work on Transtech
  • The connection between Transtech designs and those in the new Transformer movies
  • Ken's early concept work on the Driller.
  • Doing tons of concept work from Transformers boardgames to Star Wars Transformers blister pack pencil art and other package illustration
  • Who keeps the pencils?
  • The Star Wars Celebration 5 Ken Lashley "Galactic Bad Boys" print
  • Working 15 careers at once
  • Post Ken Lashley thoughts
  • Somebody bought the $75 AT-AT!
  • Scoring me an Exo-Squad transforming E-Frame
  • The train robot formerly known as Midnight Express
  • Tranzor-Z break
  • Interview with Gregg Berger
  • The degree of awareness Gregg had of Tranzor-Z/Mazinger fandom
  • Casting directors filling roles based on actors' talent versus their celebrity
  • Exploring the allure of giant robot cartoons
  • Bumping into everybody from everything
  • Gregg's CD Think Globally...Act Locally
  • Gregg on Facebook
  • Gregg at Auto Assembly 2011
  • Don't Rocket Punch your friends!


David H. said...

finally had a chance to listen to your podcast of the Ken Lashly interview. yeah you ain't kidn when you talk about someone living "the dream". if you think your up for it you might want to check out my scalding movie review on Youtube of Transformers 3:

also, i don't know if you ever feature any fan art on your blog but i've got a painting of the Optimus vs. Bonecrusher fight from the first TF movie you might be interested in:

Paunch Show Greg said...

Nice couple of interviews there Esteban. All the stuff I go to, there's always too many people there to get those kinds of interviews.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah but I still love listening to the Paunch Stevenson show and hearing your accounts of your meetings (however brief) with famous people. To be fair you are dealing with people who are several magnitudes of mainstream celebrity beyond those I'm talking to. So I understand how it's pretty much mission impossible to score interviews with them but just your stories and the occasional brief audio snippets from your encounters are tremendously entertaining.


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