Sunday, February 26, 2012

RETURN TO THE PLANET OF THE RETRO ROBO PLANET PEOPLE (and other 11th dimensional unicorn conspiracies)

Special guest super villain Jack Fields destroys the 40th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse wearing only a speedo, go-go boots and a gold lamé shirt! Thrill in vinyl fury as Jack and the Nostrodomatron do an hour long recap of their epic life-or-death battle across several dimensions, a storage locker in Florida, multiple planes of existence and a Hooters restaurant all last Saturday at Robot Japan Summit 2012! What secrets lie buried within the mysterious and terrifying toy robot collection of Ed, our host with the alluring smile? Which religion lets you take your toy robots with you to hell? If you could fight one of Ed's toy collection cabinets which one would you fight? Find out all that and more in this HONK IF YOU LOVE GARAGES, GODAIKINS, AND GAZONGAS edition of the podcastalypse!

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Between the Planet Retro Gallery and Ed's house I have never seen so many robots in so few garages.

Professional artist Robby Musso's work was stunning as usual. That's my favorite Carly ever and this year's RJ poster was great, too.

Summit organizer Ed demonstrates how before global Starcraft domination, South Korea's greatest accomplishment was a green teapot head robot show guy.

Anime cel enthusiast Brian Powell shared some great mecha and comic art during his presentation.

The mysterious dealer/collector known only as Lunchtime Charlie had much for sale and on display.


I want to thank everyone at Robot-Japan for making the Summit a great time, from Jonathan who gave the heads up about Planet Retro on the Robot-Japan Facebook page to Myles for reminding me the Summit was coming up in the first place. Of course Ed thank you and your family for opening up your home and letting me charge my computer and camera while I was there. And of course thanks to Jack for helping me do this show. Thanks to everyone who bought some stuff from me, too! Also thanks to Robby Musso for talking robots, Botcon, Transformers and black repaints with me. You guys all made the trip up to St. Petersburg really awesome.


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