Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not as clumsy or random as a Rocket Punch!

Here's a glimpse into the Bloomingdale's toy aisle somewhere in New York City back in November 1977. That's Raydeen standing directly atop a Dragun next to a Mazinga and bunch of other Shogun Warriors. Through the power of Google I found out the kid wielding what looks like a Force Beam grew up to be a Venezuelan film maker! (Actually he was already Venezuelan. You can't grow up to be from Venezuela.)


David H. said...

i was only 5 back then but this still brings back some memories. by the way i was listening to NPR today at work and heard you were going to be guest on tomorrow's show in regards to some special segment on robotic sciences.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I think you might be talking about that author guy who wrote "How to Survive a Robot Apocalypse" or "Robocalypse" or something like that. The easy way to tell us apart is he's an accomplished author with degrees and movies based on his work and I am pretty much a nobody who has done nothing. But I can see how you might get us confused.

David H. said...

whoops sorry about that. but none the less i wouldn't say your a nobody after all you did put that cool ROM podcast together.
by the way i did a review of the Annihilators mini-series on Youtube recently. you can find the link at the ROM blog under the June 8th posting if your interested.

David H. said...

Ya know, if they ever made a movie about ROM (stretch your imagination for a minute) and it was being directed by Michael Bay not only would I not go see it I would start a boycott campaign! You can watch my 1 1/2 minute rant about Transformers 3 at:


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