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The Tonka 1984 toy catalog, aka: THE GOBO-NOMICRON!

One rather interesting aspect of Tonka marketing was that they didn't add character profiles to the GoBots' toy packaging like most every other action figure line was doing in the mid 80s. The very first GoBots hit the shelves with no individual personality profiles on them and the same was true for the next few years' worth of individual figure releases. The packages did tell the general story of the GoBot conflict but just didn't bother with a character write up for the GoBot you were buying. Larger vehicles like the Boomers had origin stories but still were nothing like the Tech Spec profiles on every Transformer. What's not very well known is that Tonka did actually have character profiles written up for the very first few assortments of GoBots and they used them in their 1984 retailer toy catalog. Here then is a transcription of those profiles and most everything else from the GoBots pages from that book.

(The profiles for Cy-Kill, Leader-1, Cop-Tur, Turbo, Crasher, Scooter and Fitor were later modified and included as liner notes in the GoBots Book and Record set "Target:Earth". A transcription of those later, more cartoon accurate versions can be found at Overlord CyKill's Renegade Headquarters under the "Character Profiles" section.)

Tonka Shapes tomorrow with GoBots: Mighty Robots that turn into Mighty Vehicles.

From the planet GoBotron in a distant galaxy come the GoBots. Enemy GoBots escaping from imprisonment and headed by the evil Cy-Kill are out to take over the earth. But never fear, the Friendly GoBots, with the help of kids across the country, are fast on their way to capture the Enemy GoBots and save the world. To disguise themselves on earth, each GoBot turns into a different vehicle, from helicopters and fighter jets to cycles and turbo racing cars. So be prepared. This major new line of male action action toys is ready to capture the hearts and minds of kids all over America and take over the market. Arm yourself for the takeover with cases of these Mighty GoBots. Because very soon kids everywhere will be storming your store for them.
  • Each GoBot Assortment contains both Friendly and Enemy GoBots.
  • GoBots come in 2 sizes: 3 1/2 inch and Super GoBots that stand over 5 inches tall.
  • All GoBots are made of die-cast metal and high-impact plastic.
Stock up now and turn GoBots into mighty sales for you!

GoBot Assortment No. 7200

Cy-Kill Enemy Robot Leader
Notorious Cy-Kill, the evil GoBot mastermind who turns into a menacing motorcycle, is the leader of the pack of Enemy GoBots. He plans to take over the earth.

Turbo Friendly Robot Racer
Leader 1's right hand GoBot., Turbo loves life in the fast lane. He enters himself into sports car races as a red-hot racer.

Tank Enemy Robot Destroyer
Cy-Kill's right hand man, Tank, is a lumbering dumb oaf with a body that's not only built like a tank-but actually becomes one when necessary.

Hans-Cuff Friendly Robot Police Car
As police sergeant of GoBotron, Hans-Cuff is well known for his detective handiwork. He proves the hand is quicker than the eye when he turns himself into a police car.

Fitor Enemy Robot Jet
Always looking for a fight, Fitor is the GoBot who will fly Cy-Kill and the enemy GoBots to planet earth.

Dozer Friendly Robot Bulldozer
Dozer would rather take a nap than waste time leveling the Enemy GoBots. But when the good guys need him, he's up and ready to flatten each and every one of the evil doers.

Pumper Friendly Robot Fire Engine
Dumper's twin brother, Pumper, pumps a lot of iron at night to keep in shape. When he turns into a fire truck, he pumps a lot of water putting out fires started by the Enemy GoBots.

BuggyMan Enemy Robot Car
Everyone's heard of the Boogeyman-well, BuggyMan's just as bad. And when he turns into a dune buggy he's a real mean machine.

Loco Enemy Robot Train
As crazy as his name, Loco loves to turn into a locomotive and send his enemies into locomotion.

Spay-C Friendly Robot Space Ship
Spay-C is not an airhead, he's an inventor fascinated with outer space. His way-out inventions include a plan to send Enemy GoBots into permanent orbit.

Dumper Friendly Robot Dump Truck
Although he's always getting dumped on, Dumper doesn't mind-he's strong enough to handle loads of work and determined to destroy the Enemy GoBots.

Cop-Tur Enemy Robot Helicopter
Cold-hearted Cop-Tur has a sharp mind and an even sharper rotating propeller arm. He secretly plans to send Cy-Kill into a tailspin and take over the Enemy GoBots.

Ages: 5 and up
Master Pack: 24

GoBot Assortment No. 7201

Royal-T Friendly Robot British Jet
A true blueblood, Royal-T comes from GoBotron's royal family. Loyalty to his planet and a sense of adventure led him to join the Security Force.

Spoiler Enemy Robot Sports Car
Spoiler's beautiful, but she's no lady. She loves to spoil a good time. She can't wait to get her hands on Pathfinder and deactivate her forever.

Pathfinder Friendly Robot U.F.O.
As an Undercover Female Officer, Pathfinder is invaluable to the Security Force. Her laser locators and top-secret scientific devices aid the good guys in detecting Cy-Kill's whereabouts.

Rest-Q Friendly Robot Ambulance
More efficient than a pair of medics, Rest-Q is affectionately known as a repairman because he's an expert at repairing GoBots.

Screw Head Enemy Robot Drill
There are no screws loose on this evil mechanical genius. Screw Head invents wicked weapons for Cy-Kill's criminal cohorts.

Crain Brain Enemy Robot Crane
Crain Brain thinks he's clever, but he isn't. Even the Enemy GoBots call him Lame Brain behind his back. But his strength is no laughing matter-he can change into a crane capable of lifting a zillion pounds.

Road Ranger Friendly Robot Long Haul
Road Ranger's in the battle for the long haul. When the GoBots land on earth, he plans to set up a convoy to capture the enemy and put them back in jail where they belong.

Leader-1 Friendly Robot Leader
All Friendly GoBots hail the fearless Leader-1, the leader of the Security Force. Leader-1 is as brave and intelligent as they come. He has an arsenal of weapons in store for Cy-Kill's evil gang.

Scooter Friendly Robot Scooter
The youngest of the Friendly GoBots, Scooter would love to scoot in and out of all the action. But he's usually left behind to spin his wheels and man the Command Center.

Crasher Enemy Robot Race Car
In the war between good and evil, it's a race to the finish and Crasher will stop at nothing to win. When Crasher races against good guy Turbo, he breaks all the rules and the race becomes a demolition derby.

Blaster Friendly Robot Rocket Launcher
Nicknamed Rocket Man, Blaster disguises himself as a mobile rocket launcher to protect the earth's military bases.

Geeper-Creeper Enemy Robot Off-Road Vehicle
Geeper-Creeper has a mean streak that gives anyone the creeps. Cy-Kill's loyal thug, Geeper Creeper sneaks around disguised as an army off road vehicle.

Ages: 5 and up
Master Pack: 24

Super GoBot Assortment
No 7202

Zeemon Friendly Robot Street Machine
Totally awesome and awfully strong, Zeemon is prepared to fight to the bitter end. He's not about to let the enemy GoBots rule the earth-or any other planet.

Herr Fiend Enemy Robot Sports Car
His dark past is a secret that only Cy-Kill can reveal. With fiendish relish, he awaits the total takeover of planet earth.

Destroyer Enemy Robot Attack Tank
With a mind bent on destruction, Destroyer cannot wait to reach the earth and proclaim all out war. He worships Cy-Kill and believes him to be the next ruler of the universe.

Bug Bite Enemy Robot Roadster
Herr Fiend's best friend, Bug Bite's no love bug. Cold-hearted and wicked, he loves to "sting" his victims and give them the Bug Bite "itch" with his deadly laser guns.

Baron von Joy Friendly Robot Sports Car
A distant relative to Royal-T, the fun loving baron was hired by the royal family to secretly protect their son from harm.

Psycho Enemy Robot Show Car
A terrifying foe. Psycho is crazy and unpredictable. All the Enemy GoBots fear him. And only Cy-Kill can control his demented mind.

Ages: 5 and up
Master Pack: 12

GoBot Zod Monster no 7241

All good GoBots fear the wrath of Zod, the Enemy GoBot's ultimate weapon. The incredible Zod is the part animal, part robot monster that wreaks havoc on the planet GoBotron. He lurches recklessly,-trampling and feeding on Zod fearing Friendly GoBots. Even though at times it seems Zod is everywhere-the good guys do have one chance. They can deactivate him by thrusting a weapon deep into his vulnerable nerve center.
Zod is a motorized monster with:

  • Movable shoulders and
  • An opening and closing, ferocious hinged jaw.
  • As Zod lurches, he rolls forward, rears up, stands erect, returns to a horizontal position and repeats.
  • Zod roars mechanical sounds as he moves, and
  • Comes with a lance so kids can deactivate him by poking his vulnerable nerve center.
  • Requires 3 "C" batteries.

  • Ages: 5 and up
    Master Pack: 6

    GoBot Command Center
    No. 7240

    The Friendly GoBots supreme weapon is the GoBot Command Center-the mobile fortress that can turn from robot into an earthly vehicle and into a space ship. When they reach planet earth, the Command Center is the Friendly GoBots' link to home. This is where all the action takes place, where the Friendly GoBots capture and deactivate Cy-Kill and his gang.

  • Mobile Command Center is the playset for all GoBot Action.
  • Kids can transport GoBots to 5 work stations at different levels of the fortress with its remote control elevator.
  • Sound the alarm for battle.
  • Refuel and maintain Friendly GoBots and
  • Identify, imprison and deactivate Enemy GoBots with its two alien detectors.
  • The Command Center has a revolving head with L.E.D. eyes,
  • Alarm sound systems, and
  • Chromatic scanners that actually identify evil GoBots.
  • The GoBot Command Center doubles as a portable storage case and holds up to 12 GoBots.
  • Requires one 9 volt battery (not included).

  • Ages: 5 and up
    Master Pack: 6


    Heavyarms said...

    Wow. I felt some unexpected nostalgia looking at those ads.

    Evil King Macrocranios said...

    Yeah, they were a bigger part of my life than I realized, too.

    Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

    thanks for these Gobot Catalog photos! they bring back some good memories of the 80s. loved the toys but hated the cartoon. it seems that you have a thing for transforming robots. you might want to check out some of my art work:

    fairplaythings said...

    I love how the prototype Zod looks. All that red!

    Evil King Macrocranios said...

    I love all the references they sneak in about the Superman Zod and god in general. Zod is everywhere? That's funny. So is Scooter kneeling before Zod.


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