Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shut up and let me see your Jazz hands!

Man the new My Chemical Romance record is friggin' fantastic. After two huge disappointments in the last Iron Maiden and Helloween albums things weren't looking too good for our hero but then MCR came in and saved the day. There's a line in the first single off Danger Days ((Na Na Na) Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)) that reminded me I had a Universal Studios ad I dug up too late to include in my Transformer Days '85 post extravaganza. So yeah I pre-ordered the California edition and there was a delay because the plastic ray guns weren't ready yet but they let me download the CD when it came out. So I'm waiting for that box to come in soon because I can't wait to do my talking with a laser beam.

Universal Studios 23 June 1985


Weasel said...

Aw, fail! No Bumblebee? I would've been one disappointed little nerd-bot. :pouts:

Heavyarms said...

Speaking of...did you get your hands on the new Jazz figure? He's swell!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah Weasel you probably would have been deeply disappointed at the Universal Transformers Base Camp and been yelling failz. That's how I know you're a true fan of Transformers.

And nope, Heavyarms I haven't picked up any Generations figures of the '84/'85 characters. I'm only getting the post '85 ones I like, which so far have been Straxus, Blurr and Thunderwing. As far as other new Transformers for people who like old Transformers, I haven't picked up movie Voyager Bludgeon yet but I plan to. Then definitely in the future I'll get Wreck Gar, Scourge and anybody else who got horribly crappy figures their first time out from '86 through '90.

Heavyarms said...

I can't find Blurr anywhere. '84-'85 is my sweetspot for Transformers, but I've got a soft spot for a few of the TFTM Transformers. I do have Thunderwing, Skullgrin, and Bludgeon, who are my "Cult of Thunderwing" group.

Make sure you check out the Blood the Dark Warrior upgrade kit, which is up for pre-order at many of the BIGger and BADder TOY STOREs. It's pretty cheap for third party add-on crap.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Hey I've got you covered. After reading your comment I went to the Target near my house where I saw a Blurr a couple days ago. Sure enough, they still had 2 left so I got you one just in case. If you don't find one in a reasonable time I'll be your insurance policy.

Oh man that Blood head looks really nice. I've never ordered from those guys so I'll have to figure it out. Thanks for the clues on the places that may have it. I was going to hit up my friend Big Brad's toystore but I don't think he'll have it.


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