Saturday, October 09, 2010


The 12th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse severs and snaps like several zombie necks under the steady rumble of 40 year old robot tank treads in this "catching up with the Tronians" edition of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse! Listen in horror as the Nostrodomatron talks for over an hour about Yo Gabba Gabba (a new children's show about robots and monsters), Transformers G1 (an old children's cartoon about robots and monsters) and Zeroids (a new old comic definitely not for children, but still about robots and monsters). Plus old newspaper articles take me back to early 1984 when there was no Transformers bandwagon, everyone was jumping on the GoBots bandwagon, some people were jumping on the Robo Force bandwagon, and nobody even knew there was a Starriors bandwagon. Do you remember the Roboplastic Apocalypse? YES I DO AND IT WAS REALLY FUN.

Or download it directly

Radio Shack 12/01/85
Venture 12/03/84

I haven't figured out what these pictures mean yet but by showing you them I am hoping you will think I am some kind of an authority.

  • Opening Poem-"We All Just Wanna be the Heroes of Our Own Flint Dille Novels"
  • The Radio Free Delbocalypse
  • Next year's robotastic Supercon guest lineup
  • Destroy All Podcastalypses Part 2!
  • I can talk about toy robots but my area of expertise is actually grocery store ads from 1985
  • The Shackalactic Starrior mystery
  • Another Ad That Should Not Be-Jetfire prototype from 1984
  • Gay for Zeroids (or gay because of them)
  • MHC preview of original Star Team comic
  • Transformers and Zeroids-Comics about reanimated soulless monsters and the zombies who fight them
  • 2010 is the August of 1986 I always wanted
  • Sins I have committed in the name of Robotroids
  • Chinese hackers + American newspaper websites = infinite knowledge of GoBots
  • Gaining infinite knowledge of GoBots is a dumb reason to go to jail
  • The $21,000 password hack
  • A New Hope for toy robot newspaper journalism in 1978
  • TOY ROBOTS : TAKE US TO YOUR KIDS and other old newspaper articles I read when I should have been studying for midterms
  • Repeatedly saying "Machine Robo" when I meant "Machine Men" around the 42:43 mark
  • Moday Morning Mecha Pilot: analyzing GoBots television marketing
  • RoboForce at ToyFair 1984-Now there's $400,000 I'll never get back
  • Hating 500 hour long podcasts and how to make one
  • Don't play with your TechspecTesticles (unless it's really fun)


Rob said...

Yes, a new episode of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse! I randomly check in on your blog and am glad to see you're back in action. I'll download episode 12 right now and listen to it on the train ride to work tomorrow.

Rob said...

Great episode! You forgot about one huge non-video-game toy line after TMNT and before Pokemon... Power Rangers! I hated them, but they were super popular in the mid 1990s.

I hope continue to post more episodes soon!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks Rob! I believe in the Rob-ological view that a 22 to 30 minute show is ideal but I seem to have descended into that next circle of podcasting hell and I went an hour.

There will be more podcastalypses-I have content for three shows already down but I have to edit them and the kid's been sick for the last two weeks so it's a miracle I have any time. But soon more will be coming.

Rob said...

Yeah, after our recent 96 minute episode (159), I think we'll go back to 40 minute-ish ones for a while.


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