Saturday, April 24, 2010


The tenth seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse breaks like so many of your ribs as Hun-Dred crushes you with his crusher arms while forcing you to listen to this, the RoboForceTastic Podcastalypse!

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TV Guide Youngstown-Erie, PA 12/13/84
The Robo ForceTastic Apocalypse comes to its crushy, grippy end with this Robo Force themed edition of the Podcastalypse! Alas, my Robo Force themed week long series of blog posts did not result in an announcement from Michael Bay about an upcoming Robo Force movie trilogy but maybe it's for the best. In the meantime we can all watch the Revenge of Nazgar on YouTube and listen to me talk about why an obscure cartoon starring a bunch of giant talking Mad Max vacuum cleaners may just be the greatest American robot show of all time.


  • Opening poem-"The Roboplastic Podcastalypse" (RoboForce'd Up version)
  • Huggy arms and suction cup butts-a winning combination!
  • The magical pre-1985 era in the U.S. before the big robot explosion
  • Robo Force-A lot better than you forgot it was
  • Finding robo feces in your collection
  • Get me a comic, I'll pay you a Hun-Dred
  • Robo Force Adventure series books and why you need them
  • Comprehensive list of all Robo Force comics (in my non-comprehensive collection)
  • Cassette tapes-the cure for appreciation deficit disorder
  • Synopsis of the Robo Force mythology
  • Two men named "Fury" who are actually quite well behaved
  • Why is Hun-Dred so an-gry?
  • Saying "gentlemen" when you really mean "creepy cyborgs"
  • Deena Strong-the hot Han Solo
  • Robo Force "Expanded universe" (a nice way to say "silly books for 1st graders")
  • Robo Force tropes present in "The Battle at the Fortress of Steele"
  • The evil robots are not in the Robo Force, they're just wearing the t-shirts
  • Fortress of Steele's secret location that everyone knows about
  • Evil robot empire of four robots
  • Mark Fury, creator of Robo Force (but not the bad ones wearing Robo Force shirts)
  • Richard Fury-not a Sparkplug, but still pretty bright
  • The Revenge of Nazgar-Flint Dille's first robot show
  • Some T.R.o.N airdates courtesy Google newspaper archive:
  • A brief email conversation I had with Flint Dille about his Robo Force memories
  • T.R.o.N.'s parallels with Transformers cartoon
  • A brief setup of the premise of T.R.o.N.
  • Robo Force-The last great American sci-fi robot idea
  • Turn the tape over!


Anonymous said...

Dear Evil King Macrocranios,
I'm glad to see someone else interested in the history of the suction cup robots that time forgot. I believe the two mini-comics you're missing are "The Adamantium Heist!" featuring Sentinel and Vulgar, and "Ambush in Celestia!" with Coptor and Enemy. After happening upon your podcast I scanned both of them and would be more than happy to help you out, if you'll just let me know how you'd like me to send them to you.

Drop me a line at

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Thanks a million for this. You have solved one of the greatest Robo Force mysteries for me.

Coming into contact with other Robo Force fans like yourself has really made all this Robo Force blogging worthwhile!


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