Friday, February 05, 2010

What this blog needs is to preach to the Convertor'd!

Zodys 12/01/85

Convertors was one of those other transforming toy robots lines of the 80s that most people my age don't remember but I can almost guarantee everyone owned a couple of these when they were kids. In Pasadena I came across two ads for Convertors that I thought were pretty cool-the above one for the Avarian and Insector giftsets and the one below for the awesomely named American Minibots. While I previously found ads that mention the Convertors giftsets, I hadn't come across ads with pictures of the boxes before so these ads are kind of cool. It is my hope to one day open up a Convertors section at the Vintage Space Toaster Palace. I have enough ads to make it interesting but right now it'll have to wait until after I redo the GoBots and Voltron sections and that'll take a while. If you want to read more about the Avarians and Insectors, go check out the Super Toy Archive and for some good reviews and background on the American Mini Bots I recommend Counter-X's Convertors page.

SavOn 12/04/85


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