Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Florida manages the trifecta of Robotardation! First I move to Miami, then Star Wars Celebration 5 comes to Orlando in 2010 and now this. I have never before been so sure that my life is a hallucination and I am actually 10 years old and in a coma in 1984.


agentmorris said...

I hardly believe my luck as well in this. Two Cons I was pretty sure I would never go to unless they were in my own backyard!! I'm going to both now for sure.

See you there, EKM!


Evil King Macrocranios said...

Oh hell yeah I will see you there! This is going to be friggin' fantastic. When you know someone from their blog it's like being friends without ever meeting and then this happens and it's a shot at saying all those things in person that don't really translate well in blog comments. It's going to be great! The only question for me now is do I preregister or go as a walk in to what will probably be the highest attendance Botcon in toy robot convention history?

An event like this should definitely get you writing again, huh? I'm feeling so inspired I want to work on my website and fix up my collection nice and do all those things I was getting bored with. It's funny because I don't even think this Botcon is going to be appealing at all to me from a guest or panels point of view but the nice thing about low expectations is how easy they are to exceed.

Having it in Florida was the only way I would have attended. The long lead time is also appreciated. The organizers get mucho appreciation for making this convenient for me both geographically and from a heads up perspective.

agentmorris said...

Yeah, I am actually feeling kinda inspired to write again about my arrested developmental tendencies and obsessions. Lord knows the interwebz needs more blogs like that. hahahaha

This summer is really shaping up to be pretty crazy awesome on the Florida Con front. What's also great is that 2010 is a non-Bay-slposhun movie year as well.

And to think you were just recently not feeling the toy robot love too much of late.

I'm torn about pre-registering or not as well. I'll most likely have zero interest in any souvenir set. I just want to go for the glorious lameness of it all.

Hmmm....gotta think about this one.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I think what I'll do is pre-reg without the toys or any add-ons like I did last year. If they keep with their modus operandi then Friday will be pre-reg only and that's the only day you'll have any sort of breathing room. I guarantee there will be so many walk ins Saturday and Sunday you won't have time or space to take any good pictures or talk with any of the people in the dealer room at length if you find someone interesting. Like this year Greg Berger had a table in the dealer room and so did the SHOUT Factory guys. I was able to spend some time asking them questions and finding out some stuff like I was doing my own little interviews. I don't think I could have pulled that off during the peak hours Saturday or Sunday. I fully expect the dealer room in Orlando to be like the running of the bulls in Pampalona, except more crazy.

The world definitely does need more people talking about toy robots on their own blogs instead of in the short soundbyte length bits we get on message boards. One of the reasons I started was because I remember in 2005 being in Antarctica trying to get a feel for how Botcon '05 was going and bloggers were the best and fastest reports and pictures coming out of there. Guys on message boards take a while writing their reports and the news sites don't concentrate on analysis in the rush to get toy pictures and panel notes out. Toy robots bloggers pick eclectic stuff to write about, write about it fast and do it in a way that feels a lot more organic and personal and human. That was around the time I first started reading Nala and some other guy that had a green themed blog.

The biggest lesson learned from Botcon 09 for me was if you do preregister, do it as early as possible especially if you're not staying at the hotel. The pre-reg package pickup didn't accomodate all attendees all at once like it used to. Instead they staggered groups based on how early people registered, with the lowest numbers/earliest registrants allowed to pick up their stuff first. I waited so long to pre-reg last year that by the time my group was admitted in for package pick-up it was late at night and I don't think I left until around 10 or 11 pm. People who registered early were out of there by 5 or 6 and they got to go to dinner with their friends.

Weasel said...

Prime's gonna hate it--it'll be too hot and close to Disney. Me, I can barely wait to go. (I can quit being an emo nutjob! Yay!)

fairplaythings said...

Being Canadian, I'm really torn on the Orlando experience. I never got to go to Walt Disney's World of Princess Palace as a kid so I am not sure if that is a check in favour or against attending. But the price is not bad to get to Orlando, given that old Walt's pleasure palace wants to suck all into its vortex. And the timing is relatively okay. And you know, Botcon is like the crackmother to robot lovers.

Anyway, this time let's prearrange a chance to sit down and chat.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Honestly I live here in Florida and I don't know what the attraction is for anyone living outside of this state. It's not a movie year or an anniversary year (unless you consider the 25th anniversary of 1985) and I don't know what guests, toys or panels could possibly justify the expense for the average burnt out toy robots hating fan. I guess we're not talking about average fans, though. It is fun to see what hoops people will jump through just to attend this show and prove their Transformerness. The next one should be in Hawaii.


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