Thursday, December 10, 2009

The trash of Con!

While I was reminiscing about Fort Hood last month I briefly mentioned going to my first anime convention there. Well guess what I found buried in the attic tonight-the flyer for "DEFCON 2:The Wrath of Con!" Whoa these dudes were my kind of corny writers. I would have subtitled it "The Con of Wrath" and expected people to figure it out. Actually if I was running an animation convention I would title it "JACRAPAMATION WORLD" and the subtitles every year would be the names of old Tranzor-Z episodes. DUDE ARE YOU GOING TO JACRAPAMATION WORLD: THE AMUSEMENT PARK OF TERROR? OH HELL YEAH!

Looking at the flyer I was surprised to see it was in 1996 instead of later as I thought. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised since I don't remember much about it at all. When it comes to anything I did in the 90s I'm kind of like Princess Leia remembering her mom-all I have is images and feelings. There was the awesome Robotech poster I remember seeing that might have been at the Antarctic Press booth since '96 was around the time they were granted the comic license from Harmony Gold. I remember how the building was a giant sports bar with a boxing ring right in the middle and that's where they put the half dozen or so dealers. Talk about intimidating. I didn't step into the ring because I didn't know much about anime and I suspected the whole thing may have been an elaborate cartoon schoolgirl porn sting operation. Plus I've always been cheap. Hell, I think this flyer is the only thing I got from the show. Here's to the days when 10 bucks could get me lunch, some comics and admission into a convention. (Most of all here's to not throwing crap away!)

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