Friday, August 07, 2009

New Mizurable Experience

Optimus Lime broke down again so I've been using the bus and metrorail train to get back and forth from the library. Saturday night I got off the train and found I had to decide between waiting an hour for the 15 minute bus ride home or I could just walk an hour and 15 minutes myself. Either way would take an hour and fifteen minutes. Just waiting an hour doing nothing seemed like an enormous waste of time but walking three miles in the steamy hell wasn't exactly my idea of fun, either. I decided to walk. The situation paralleled how I would like to go to an upcoming anime convention starting August 28 called Mizucon but they haven't put up their panel schedule yet. I can either keep that weekend open in the hope they have roboplastic related stuff, or I can plan now to do something else with that weekend like take the family to the aquarium. I've always said being 35 with the hobby of a ten year old is harder than it looks.


I don't know why but panels always end up the last thing conventions reveal about their programming, and usually only a week or two before the show. Boy was I shocked when I found there's another nearby convention called Chibi-Pa starting September 4 and they already have their panel schedule up! I can see right now they'll have a Gundam model building class run by a guy called Skippy. Not only that, but they'll have a furry-themed subset of panels in a special room called the FURRICANE SHELTER. I'm honestly interested in some of these panels like "History of Furry" and "Saturday Morning FurToons" (and to a lesser extent "How to Make a Fur Suit"). Plus they'll also be showing the classic movies "Animalympics" and "Rock-A-Doodle". Any Transformer fans goofing on these guys need to shut the hell up because in 10 years it'll be Beast Wars being shown at Furricane 2020.


Remember how I made the decision to walk home from the train station? Well 20 minutes into my walk the bus I needed to be on passed me by. It wasn't the bus I would have waited for, it was a late one I thought left already. Boy was I pissed off as I walked for the next hour. If I commit to going to the aquarium August 28 before the panel schedule shows up and Mizucon ends up being awesome I'm going to be equally pissed. Right now that panel schedule is like a renegade bus going by when I'm already walking home. Also when I was walking home I found one of those Burger King cups with an unused scratch off Transformer game piece lying on the side of the road and I scratched the correct side and I won. I don't know how that fits within the Mizucon analogy but I thought it was pretty cool. Except the Burger King game is over.

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