Friday, August 14, 2009

Dinner and a Show

I was planning on going to a comic shop this weekend to buy that plasticpiece Voltron I've been thinking about getting since it came out. Then I came across a piece of Voltron art being exhibited at a gallery in Columbus, Ohio next month and it made me think twice. At first when you look at Scott Campbell's "Super Hungry" you may see a simple cute rendition of green lion munching down, but I believe there is deeper meaning here. I think the artist is communicating a message of how toy robots are like pets in that they are a tremendous responsibility. You have to care for and maintain them and they become a burden on your life, but unlike living animals who do you the favor and die, you're stuck with your Voltron forever.

[I know I've got a couple readers and friends in the Columbus, Ohio area-Dave and Todd (and I think Will)-so you guys may want to check out the 80s cartoon themed exhibit at the Rivet Designer Toy & Art gallery starting September 5th.]


Idiot_Savant said...

I will be going to this. I'll see if Matt and Toddmichael want to go .Who is Dave?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I met a guy named Dave at a convention in '06 and I've seen him at Botcons since but we never talk much. He's an enigma of sorts and I only made the connection because I found his blog a couple years back but I've since lost the link. I could have sworn he was from Columbus or around there. I think he wanted a tetrajet but I didn't make enough that year. Hopefully he'll speak up.


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