Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We're moving to Miami, Florida! Finally finally finally my wife's job gets us moved somewhere that I am really excited about. I haven't been this excited about anyplace since we lived in Tucson, Arizona. We're not leaving here until June and my wife is still far, far away saving the world from the aliens. She doesn't get back until May so the Prince of Macrocrania and I still have a bit more to go in the ice and the snow. But the move is big news and it's all I think about lately. And the more I think about it, the more I realize it means the end of the road for Please Save Me Robots, which is actually pretty cool.


Beginning in 2006 I found myself in an overwhelmingly boring period where I was living in Rapid City and occasionally working in support of the US Antarctic Program. Living near Mount Rushmore and hanging out with penguins might sound fun, but between South Dakota and Antractica all the snow and ice had me feeling like I was living in figurative carbonite. The reason I started bloggering was to talk about my life during this time, or actually to not talk about my life-to talk about anything else. Filling up the hours with poems and stories about Star Wars and toy robots really helped me get through. But as we get closer to the big move it feels like the carbonite is slowly melting.


I want to thank everyone who ever commented here and made me feel like I was being read by more than the ten friends that were actually tuning in, plus the occasional Megan Fox butt looker. My old ad collecting hobby isn't dying and the Vintage Space Toast Tour will continue. The only change is that between living in Miami and raising my son I won't have the time to write 900 word essays every week about some ad I found for 25 year old toy robot Volkswagens. So instead of seeing PSMR slowly wither away to only occasional postings with half baked content, I've decided to just end it altogether. If I ever do find the time and desire to write again I'll start another blog, probably more focused on the Vintage Space Toaster Palace but not updated anywhere near as often as I was able to manage here. Thanks a lot, guys. Like I said in the Paunch Stevenson Show-you really saved me.


deadbeat Senna said...

Lucky bastard take me with you! Seriously, its the end of an era. When you're in town you should come by and we'll eat somewhere. Bring the kid.

agentmorris said...

This may be bigger news than the end of Battlestar Galactica. The toy robots world of bloggerring is forever shaken.

But you are coming to the ass end of space.
Welcome to Florida.

A place I live where it is, just like my hobbies--something I love and hate almost equally.

Perhaps we'll meet up at some Con here sometime in the future.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Oh yes, the outpouring of support in the comments left here and tribute posts at other blogs has been overwhelming. I never realized what an enormous impact my writing had on the scores of people looking for naked pictures of Shia LeBouf, several major toy robots fandoms, President Obama and the NASA program.

I think the only real impact of the end here is that podcasters and people running the Thoroughly Informative Transformers Themed Internet Entertainment Sites will be free to misremember how much Optimus Prime cost in 1984 without worrying about some robotard going off on them in his obscure blog.

Yes we will meet in Florida! Someday next year, probably because I won't be down there in time to catch Supercon this year. But it will happen.

deadbeat Senna said...

People were looking for naked pictures of robots fandoms and the NASA program?

Gerald said...

Man - congrats on the new move.

I'm bummed, I really enjoyed reading your posts and truly appreciate your passion and dedication to the researching 1000's of classic robot ads.

Best of luck to ya and your family!

Emilie said...

Well I'm glad you're ending it in this way instead of just slowly petering out.
I shall miss your extra long essays. They were always informative, and funny too. But I can always go back into the archives if I feel particularly unknowledgable regarding the more interesting part of the 1980s.

Nightowl said...

Well welcome to florida . As much as it seems good the sun rots brains and im not sure but i believe the swamp gases are hostile to . Sad to hear your closing shop but all things come to a end at some point .

Weasel said...

But you'll have so much to blog about in Florida: bugs, tourists, heat, tourists, hurricanes, tourists, elderly people who can't drive, tourists, tourists who can't drive, triple digit humidity, tourists.... did I mention the tourists?

Good luck with the move. And I miss your blog already. :wanders off to cry:

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks for all the support guys, but it's not really over! It's just going to change a lot. You other bloggers know how it feels when you may have less time to write but the ideas still keep coming and you have to put them somewhere. Well I still keep getting ideas so when I figure out the right somewhere to put them it's going to be fun all over again. It's just going to be a different fun with a new name and updated less frequently.

The name of the new place hit me the other day and I'm getting layout ideas for the new blog. When I finally get down to doing it, I will be less "Oh I am so emo someone save me from my robots problem" and more "FUKC YAEH I HAVE A ROBOTS PROBLEM!"

Once I get the new domain name up and the next blog is running I will post some quick something here to let the stragglers who keep visiting know what is up and where I've set up my new radioactive cardboard shack in the toy robots blogging wasteland.

Heavyarms said...


Sean said...

Glad to see you aren't totally leaving the blogging business as that would make me one of the only "I write about 'adult collecting' and Transformers toys but I try to do it with a self-deprecating sense of humor" blogs.
That reminds me, I need to start updating again. Shit. I haven't written anything since October.

Sean said...

Hey why have you disabled comments with your new posts?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I got tired of feeling stupid for expecting responses and not getting any a day or three days or a week after I'd post something. You ever blog something you thought was interesting and stare for weeks at the part that reads "0 COMMENTS"? Well I got tired of it.

I don't have much of an audience and the majority are not vocal and I wasn't getting feedback other than one or two friends. Then I'd feel guilty when one of them would write something and I would forget to respond. Or I'd get a response a couple weeks later and I've already moved on in my mind and I don't respond and then feel bad about that. So the whole comments thing was contributing to making it not fun.

Weasel said...

Can't blame you. Plus, it prevents the trolls from invading.

Evil King Macrocranios said...



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