Saturday, January 17, 2009

RETURN OF THE JEDI TO SOUTH DAKOTA RETURN epilogue: I don't think they understood what I meant when I told them I was a weirdo

A big advantage to driving the truck to my mother-in-law's house in Houston was that I could finally get all the roboplasticos I'd been stashing in her closet since 2005. Over the years we'd fly in to visit her and then I'd inevitably buy toy robots that wouldn't fit in my suitcase so I'd leave them at her house. This made me feel bad because it's a big imposition on my part and nobody likes to be reminded that their daughter is married to the Indiana Jones of toy robots everytime they open their closet.

Adult toy robots fans oftentimes worry about how their hobby will affect a serious relationship with someone, but what they should worry more about is how their hobby will affect that someone else's parents. "I like toy robots will you marry me?" is nowhere near as hard to ask as "I like toy robots, I'm marrying your daughter and hey could I use your closet because for the next four years I need you to take care of Sam's Club Ultra Magnus."

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Weasel said...

You owe her rental fees. And nuisance fees, because that version of Ultra Magnus was such a whiny but self-important little bitch.

And she would have to have heard that. Constantly.

And hey, my mom probably would have been fine with it....I don't think Prime would identify very much with Indy, though...


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