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NO WEBLOG FOR OLD ROBOTS part 1: Please Save Me Yenilmez Savaşçilar!

Although I consider myself the Indiana Jones of toy robots archaeology and I romanticize my hobby with terms like Roboplasticology, the truth is that all I'm doing is looking through trash as I go pop culture dumpster diving in the library microfilm archives of America. And although my search focuses on the roboplastical, I do on occasion come across ads for toys I remember that played a much smaller role in my robot obsessed 80s childhood (and a much larger one in the childhoods of kids not afflicted with roboplasti-tardation). So join me all this week as we take a non-robot oriented look at a couple other toylines that also made an impression on my Scraplets riddled brain.


Sears 11/06/86
You ever feel like beating up a tree? Do rocks piss you off? Did you absolutely hate Captain Planet and wish they'd make a cartoon about blowing up the environment instead of saving it? Well that's what Inhumanoids was-scientists in biohazard suits on steroids kicking the earth's ass. Punching trees and rocks and stuff. Or at least that's how I remember it. The thing with me is that once I figure out there won't be robots I change the channel.


One thing that did stick in my mind about Inhumanoids was that it was a monster toyline. Not monster in the sense that it was extremely popular, monster in the sense that it had monsters. I think at the time they were pretty scary for when they came out, but in this post-McFarlane world they're pretty tame. Still, the cartoon was one of the better animated Sunbow productions and those monsters were pretty frightening in the show. On a scale with Madballs on one end and animated satanic decapitation snuff porn films on the other, Inhumanoids ranks only slightly below the decapitations. Maybe I was a 12 year old wuss?

Target 12/14/86

While I lived in Turkey I found a couple video CDs of Inhumanoids at the supermarket and although they were dubbed in Turkish I gave them a try. THIS HAS NEVER STOPPED ME BEFORE. I watched a couple of episodes of "Invincible Warriors" (the translated Turkish name for Inhumanoids) and it was pretty trippy. All I can say is my 22 year old memories of this show were pretty right on-lots of monsters, lots of scientists, lots of trees getting their asses kicked.

Hills 11/16/86

Children's Palace 11/30/86

I can't really say much more about Inhumanoids other than when I'm looking through old microfilm I never see much advertising for them. Although I've been to quite a few toy shows I only rarely see them on the secondary market. Right now at one of the antique stores in downtown Rapid City there's a $1 bin of old action figures and among them is an Inhumanoids tree guy. (I WOOD buy it, but I keep LEAFing it there.) I guess the line died off because young monster loving, tree hating future scientists were kind of a niche market. If you want to find out more about Inhumaniods, I recommend "logging on" to

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Weasel said...

Apparently Inhumanoids had a cartoon, but it never aired in my area. I'm kinda glad, since they really freaked me out. Especially D-Compose. Ick.


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