Sunday, September 14, 2008

There is much to be learned here about the maturity level of these toy robots fans

Do you remember when I posted that video of the Botcon organizer asking people in the 2006 Transformer customizing class to please not sell those unassembled bags of toy parts on ebay? Do you remember how he said these were the rarest Transformer items in existence outside of the Chinese production facilities and Hasbro PR would have a fit if they were sold publicly? Do you remember love?

Well someone recently eBayed one of those bags of Transformers parts and got $152.50 for it. Judging from the item description I don't think the seller was in the customizing class. They probably got it from the Botcon 2008 charity auction. I am not sure if the scout's honor pledge was taken by the buyer. Or maybe they were at the class and they called skinchies!

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