Friday, September 19, 2008

The son has become the Vader and the father has become...well, kinda just not really into Star Wars right now

Tuesday was the big day. Finally after a year of delays the new Star Wars video game came out. I went to Toys R Us to get it because they were giving $20 gift cards with every purchase of The Force Unleashed. TFU was one of the main reasons I bought a PS3 last year. For me TFU was the most exciting thing to happen in Star Wars since the first movie-without-a-movie multimedia merchandising event, Shadows of the Empire. Finally after all the hype and delays and expectations I found myself in the video game aisle at TRU and it was like that graduation theme song was playing in my head. After all this waiting and anticipation I grabbed the little Force Unleashed ticket and I had it in my hand. Then the unbelievable happened-I chickened out! I choked! I force choked, like, my own chicken!


I started thinking about how much time a game takes to play and how little time I have nowadays. I started thinking how I'd have to stop writing about toy robots on the internet for at least two weeks while I was playing the game. (Actually that was pretty appealing to me because there's always this voice in my head saying "Fuck the internet! You're not making a difference or curing cancer here with your 900 word emo robots essays!") But it's my time and how I enjoy spending it that matters. I started thinking about how I'd really like to get the Vintage Space Toaster Space Palace back up but I've only got 200 of the 600 ads watermarked so far. I started thinking about how far $60 would go during my upcoming trip to the Denver main library for Vintage Space Toast Tour '08. But most of all I started thinking how Transformers the game cost $60 on release day and now you can buy it new for $30. That pisses me off! I decided I would unleash the force some other day when saving the galaxy would be less expensive. So not only am I a nerd for wanting to spend my time at the library instead of playing video games, but I'm Darth Cheap-o, too.



Heavyarms said...

The first sign of trouble is when a graduation song starts playing in your head instead of the Imperial March.

naladahc said...

Wow! He looks like you. Smile and all.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thankfully he's got his mom's personality.

Sean said...

Yeah, anymore I think it's best just to rent games first before you make the investment. I do the same thing you did when it comes to most of the videogames I really want to buy: I psych myself up to get them and then I'll go to the store when the game comes out and then I'm like "eh, for $60 I can probably do something better with my money."
I used to just buy the games I wanted right when they came out and would then have to eat the $60 for hit or miss titles. I mean, I'd read reviews and skip the stuff that got shitty reviews but if there was a game I just really wanted and had to have I'd buy it regardless of whether or not the game got horrible reviews and then I'd usually end up thinking "wow, I really wish I listened to the critics." is usually really dead-on about which games suck or rule so I usually go to them for something I'm on the fence about and if I'm still curious to give the game a try after that I'll just rent the game. I can't believe I never thought about renting games when I was in college. It's such a no-brainer and it's been saving me a lot of money recently. I recently really wanted to get Iron Man and that Bourne game but then I rented them and they were just awful and I want to check out Force Unleashed and the new Soul Caliber game as well but those are definitely "rent before you buy" games in my opinion.
Man oh man though, as far as the Star Wars shit this is hard to resist goes, I'm really Jonesing for that Millennium Falcon. I mean, I know I should be saving money for the Hot Toys DK Batman but that Falcon is a thing of beauty and I really love the idea of ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO PUT FOUR FIGURES IN THE COCKPIT. I mean, I loved the 70s-90s Millennium Falcon mold Hasbro used for like twenty years but the thing that always really sucked about that is that you could pretty much just put Han or Chewie in the cockpit and everyone else had to sit in the back.

Mick said...

Is the hood asymmetric?

Weasel said...

Oh dear Primus. That child is adorable.

Shaun the Cashier said...

Oh man. Your kid looks awesome, as does the costume. When I was that age, my costumes were made of vinyl and had the logo of whatever it was plastered across the chest. Screw realism, we want our BRANDING PRESENT!


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