Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have no interest in taking toy robots pictures that lose their novelty once a new semi truck pulls up to the back of the nearest Wal-Mart

I made it back from Botcon and instead of writing some long boring report about what I ate with my friends while I was in Cincinnati*, I have been catching up on podcasts, eating Froot Loops and watching Ninja Warrior. But I did update Flickr Macrocrania with my pictures of Botcon and I wrapped up the CSF-11 in-progress photo set. So check my Flickr stuff out, unless you want full reports on what Optimus Prime was wearing or who Megatron's new boyfriend is or why Bumblebee checked into rehab, in which case the Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Sites got you covered. Otherwise check out the couple dozen pictures of me standing around trying to look cool while wearing t-shirts of 25 year old cartoon robots.

*Fear not! Full details on what toppings I ordered on all the pizza I ate are coming soon!


Josh Miller said...

I wanted to comment on Flickr that you photos are better than mine because, you know, you are actually in them, even if it's "you with some custom figure".

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Well, come on now. It's pointless to rate people's pictures, especially relative to other styles and viewpoints. Everybody takes pictures of what they're into and I don't think anyone is really better or worse than anyone else.

Besides, being in my own pictures doesn't do me a lot of good. My narcissistic style doesn't get me as many hits as you get. I'm lucky if I break 10 views on any one picture. I know people would rather see robots, but I'm in it less for popularity and more for my own personal memories. That's no more or less valid than anybody else's motivation, but it is a lot less popular.

Benjamin Meyer said...

I must say that your photo set of BotCon has to be hands down the best one I have seen so far. :) From the looks of it you might have had more fun the other people who were completely stressed over collecting too.

Heavyarms said...

Finally. All the other peeps checked in but you. I figured you pissed of some rabid Transformers fan. Or maybe Eddie caught you and put you in the Iron Maiden. I refuse to look at your Flickr photos for fear of being insanely jealous.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah, Benjamin, I totally get the "stressed out collector" vibe from many people at the show and it's a shame because if they'd just relax there's a lot of fun to be had. I think stress over obtaining the at show exclusives contributes to this. I think people put too much importance at buying something at Botcon just because they were at Botcon. I guess there is a lot of sentimentality attached to this show, but really there's nothing there that can't be had on eBay in the days before or after.

Heavyarms, I just don't take blogging as seriously as others do so that's why I lag. I was trying to check out everybody else's post-show reports and pictures just like everybody else. There's still a lot out there I haven't seen and there's still a lot I want to write about the show!


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