Saturday, January 19, 2008

I GOT ME some blu-ray pancakes / I'm gonna win the format war / With technology Michael Bay can bake / I'm a toilet paper rock star

I was thinking today about what would happen if the bloggers I read met each other and had babies and then their babies wrote blogs that were amalagms of the names of their parents' blogs. Okay well I wasn't really, but mashing up names of existing blogs I read gave me some incredible ideas for blog names. Incredibly stupid ideas. Here's the top five in order from worst to not as worst:

5) Rhymes with Idiot + Geektarded = Tarded Idiot Geek Rhymes
Okay this is extremely politically incorrect and I'm a total a-hole for thinking it. Actually most of my poems I write here at PSMR could qualify as Tarded Idiot Geek Rhymes, but believe it or not I don't blog every single dumb poem idea that comes into my head at breakfast.

4) Hot Box + Plastic Crack = Hot Plastic Box of Crack
There aren't enough toy blogs written by crack whores nowadays. Although I suspect a few of the blogs and webcomics I read are written by people under the influence of something, toy collecting blogs by legitimate narcotics abusers are extremely rare. I want to read somebody who knows what Kremzeek tastes like.

3) The Death Ray + Ramblings of an Asshole = Rambling Asshole Death Ray
Forget blog names, RADR is probably the best rock band name I've ever come up with. Actually, "Ramblings of an Asshole" is such a great blog name it would sound good mixed with just about anything, as I will now demonstrate.

2) Scary-Crayon + Ramblings of an Asshole = Scary Ramblings of an Asshole Crayon
I don't know what would make a crayon a) scary or b) angry enough to become a rambling asshole, but I do know I would read this blog. "Scary Asshole" would also be a good blog name but most blogs are already scary ramblings of an asshole so it would be somewhat redundant.

1) Ideas from my Dreams + Ramblings of an Asshole = Rambling Ideas from my Asshole


nightowl_280 said...

Thats funny if i had been drinking milk it would of shot out of my nose .

naladahc said...

Mmmmm.... Hot Plastic Box of Crack... that's definitely a porno flick title there.

Actually, you've given me a few blogs to start reading. Geektarded and Ben Meyers blogs are the only one I venture to.

Weasel said...

You, sir, have thoroughly broken my brain.

It hurts a little, actually. that a nosebleed?


....oh, god....

Anonymous said...

I love it. I'm using one of your terms in my own blog now. I steal all your ideas and make them my own. Bwahahahahahaha!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Geez, Richard, Tarded Geek Rhymes? Self-deprecation is so 2005. That said, I cannot be held responsible for damages incurred by the resulting extreme embarrassment and/or the inevitable emotional abuse sustained while implementing my ideas on other blogs. And the abuse will come, even if it's just me goofing on you.

Anonymous said...

Goof away, Steve. Goof away.


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