Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh yeah who's gonna hook you up with this week's hottest ROBO MUDDA FUCKIN PLASTICOS? TOYS R US, BEEYOTCHES!


Artoo Convoy said...

So, you're saying you got the rubber giraffe humping Roddy at TRU? Or you got the Roddy getting humped by the giraffe at TRU? Or did you get humped by a giraffe at TRU in the hopes of getting Roddy? I'm unclear as to the meaning of this entry.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

wHAT YOU'RE SEEING here are the early development stages of another one of my weird ideas. After doing the first picture of the Grimlock beating, I thought the giraffe looked strikingly similar to Geoffrey the TRU mascot. So then I got this idea about doing fake TRU ads with this giraffe and the ideas just started flooding in. The premise being that TRU is so worried about going out of business that they're resorting to making Geoffrey some sort of pseudo street thug to appeal to urban toy collectors, which is a demographic that I doubt exists. I should have done a better job with the visual part but there's more coming so I've got a chance to do better.

When I wanted something to visually convey the idea of flavor of the week hot toy, Rodimus came to mind. I know it doesn't make sense because there are logical fallacies with that choice as you've pointed out, but this isn't exactly as well thought out as say, a Michael Bay movie.

Artoo Convoy said...

So, there's no actual hhumping involved? Huh. I do like your TRU ad idea. You should run with it.


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