Friday, August 17, 2007

Most people discard the box and keep the toy, but most people are not the king of imaginary lands named after cranial abnormalities

Deal of the week is Image Anime's Transformers Collection series #15 reissue Stepper for $20! I already have that one but I did order their Binaltech Overdrive for $40. Binaltech Overdrive is one of those Japanese toys with extra features that makes you think the US version got the shaft (or in this case, it didn't). While Binaltech Overdrive got the drive shaft that turned into a gun barrel, Overdrive's American counterpart, Alternators Windcharger, did not. Alternators Windcharger was rumored to be a victim of Honda's assertion that giving the toy a long gun barrel was too violent an image to be associated with their brand. This puts Binaltech Overdrive high on my list of "Must have Binaltechs for people who hate Binaltechs".

Somewhere a toy robot
is missing these exact parts
I did at one point own Alternators Windcharger. I bought it at the Hasbro store at Botcon 2006 for $15(!) and then I traded it away the next day after I did a head swap to it for the art contest. I think this gives that toy the record for shortest period I've ever owned a roboplastico and also, the distinction of being the only figure whose head is the only body part that made it home.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you could use your resin abilities to make use of those Windcharger parts.


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